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chicken beer can style w q/view

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got 5 farm raised chix from my sis last week. decided to try a couple out beer can style today. here they are with rub on interior already.

did on the weber with some wood chunks.

just used a basic bbq rub on them.

finished, breast nice and moist. typical of beer can chicken.

thks for ckin my pix!!!
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Looks Like you did a fine job..Looks real good any left overs you can send this way? Thanks for the pics...
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That's a beautiful pair of birds, Erain!

Nice job!

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Great job. And way to go old school on the Weber.

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Nice set of birds there Erain. Looks like a good day of smoke to me . Great Job
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Erain, birds look awesome. Nice job....
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Swell chix pixs.
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good looking birds Erain-nice job.
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Nice job buddy.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Fine lookin birds erain, bet them was tastey! Yardbird be one a my favorites. Ya did good.
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Still one of my favorite meals - a chicken with a can stuffed up its rear!!

Nice job!
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did you eat the chicken neck?

Looked great.

Did you notice any difference in them since they are strait from the farm?
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Those were great looking birds there Erain. Thanks for the views.
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Excellent smoke erain. Beer can chicken is the most tender around. I bet those farm raised birds were tasty!
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