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Father's Day Snake Bitten Chicken

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Last night made up a variation of "Shooter Rick's Snake Bitten" I followed the directions except I didn't have any Wasabi powder. Which was fine. I'm sure the wife and kids wouldn't have eaten it if it was too hot anyway. I also added extra granulated garlic. Cause in my opinion, it's tough to have too much garlic.

I rubbed down 10 pounds of legs and quarters and let them rest overnight. Then this morning while my fattie was cooking on the Webber Kettle, I got the WSM fired up. I'm using Seven Oaks lump and cherry wood.

I filled the water pan with 50/50 Apple Juice and hot water.

I had to gallon sized zip lock bags of the rubbed chicken ready to go on.

First layer down

Top rack full

be back later with results
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Looks Great so far..I think you know my main weapon these days is the WSM.Those Quarters are sweet.
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Looking good! I love Snake Bitten Chicken. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Will Be Waiting And Getten Hungry
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Looking good! Did you use the injection? Hope ya like em.
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Its looking good there Mr. Dude. Looking forward to final report and pictures....Yumm
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Snakebite's the way to go on legquarters, Mr. Dude!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I did not. I don't own an injector yet. But these were great. Picts are comin in a minute.
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Ok here's a couple of final picts. Rick, I loved the rub. Sorry for making a couple of mods to it.

Here's a little over half of it. The rest was on the lower grate and not quite up to temp. I had the sauce out and ready, but no one wanted any of it. I'm taking that as a compliment, intended or not.

Everyone loved it. We ate about half of it. The other half I pulled into nice big chunks.

I made up a couple of ziplock vacubags for some lunches and with the rest that's on the plate I'm going to make something called "Chicken Bog" that I found on Cowgirl's blog.
I also smoked a pound sized ring (sorry forgot to take pictures) of store bought sausage for that recipie.

So overall pretty good father's day. Now my wife is pretty much forcing me out of the house to go play cards with the boys. She's feeling bad that I spent most of the day cooking for everyone on father's day. God bless her.

I'll probably make the "bog" tomorrow. I'll try and do some picts of that one too.

G'nite all. Thanks for wathcing.
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i am glad you like it and modifying recipes is part of the fun so go for it.
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Looks great Dude, snakebitten leg quarters, man I gotta do them again soon.
Sounds like you had a great day, you got to smoke some goodness AND your wife is forcing you to hang out with your buds.
Take her easy Dude, I know that you will.
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Great job again dude you're getting quite good at this smoking stuff.
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That chicken bog looks good, I think I'm going to have to talk my wife into makeing some of that sometime.
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Lookin' good, Dude! You got a knack for the charcoal smokers, my friend. It sure does taste alot better than using a gasser. I haven't had the patience to develope that skill...maybe someday (sigh).

Keep 'em coming!

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Great quote.
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Looking good Dude!!! Were those skins crispy out of the smoker or did ya throw them on a grill to finish?????
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Right out of the smoker. When I smoke these on my Kettle I'll move them over the heat for a few minutes. But I didn't feel like firing that back up. I tasted the skin and it was ok. But I usually take the skin off.

Thank you everyone for the comments. Much appreciated.
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Those look great!
I'm making some quarters on the Q today, nothing fancy, just food for dinner, yours look GOOD!!!
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