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Smoked Chicken for another time

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I want to smoke a chicken, pull it apart and have it a few days later while on a camping/fishing trip in the backcountry. What is an easy, but tasty way to prepare it? On a bun? I'm just not feeling very creative, so nothing else is coming to mind....
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Hey backcountry. Be sure to stop over into the Roll Call room and introduce yourself.

You bet you can. I smoke chicken all the time with the purpose of eating it later. I usually just smoke it, then chop it up and put it into vacu-packed baggies and pull them out when I want a sandwich.

If you're taking them hiking, I'd do them ahead of time and freeze the meat and then pack them into coolers. Then depending how long you're camping they'll likely be starting to thaw out.

If you want, you could bag them up with a sauce already on them. Then just pop the meat into something you can simmer over a small fire. Let it get heated through and bubbly. Then onto a bun, open face on a slice of bread, or just plain.

Enjoy...take pictures. We have a little rule around here. No pictures (Q-View), Never Happened.
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dude's given you sone good stuff ~ i've seen his work and it's worth trying!

i've got one suggestion that might be a bit too much for a camping trip, but then again, might now be, depending on how much of a challenge you like. i take my smoked chicken and use it to make chicken pot pies. this might be impractical for back country camping, but at the same time, it's not all that difficult, either. use "canned" biscuits or crescent rolls for the crust and also the topping, some canned or dehydrated veggies and a package of gravy, and there you go.
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Flour Tortillas will warm up and brown nicely over an open fire with a campfire grill, or in a skillet. Toss your reheated smoked meat onto that, and some fire roasted peppers if you like, for a finger food meal of Bbq Chicken Fajitas!!!...easy and simple, and very little clean-up involved after dinner, too wink.gif.

Have fun on that trip...sounds like a winner for some R & R.

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Adding to The Dudes advice you could have some additional chicken to toss in a separate pot with some beans, maters, this, that and do either a smoked chicken chili or some for of a smoked chicken stew (brunswick stew would be great) and serve that along side of your chicken sammies.
And as previously said, pictures. We love pictures smile.gif
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chicken later

how far back country are you going? Can you take a cooler or do you need it preserved and cured for room temp storage?
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What he said ^^^.. my thoughts exactly; cure it with some curing salt and sugar brine overnight, then smoke, it will have a ham-like flavor (I have a pickling recipe if you want it). Debone, freeze, take it with you and keep as cold as possible but you'll have less worry about pathogens forming. Then, cook into sammies, in sauces, for breakfast with eggs, etc. however you'd like. You can also cure and smoke some dried beef to take along too.. (do a search, you can find my recipe on it!) plus some jerky.. nothing better than to chew some jerky while hiking into the backwoods and guzzle some mountain stream refreshment!

Pops ยงยง
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Thanks for all the great suggestions; and sorry for the lack of introduction or explaination about our trip! I was registered on the site months ago, but my username wouldn't work, so I re-registered.

We're going to be staying on islands on a big river system in Northern Ontario over 8 days. We'll have coolers and ice, which will be replenished every 3 days at a couple stops along the journey, so I'm sure everything should stay nice and fresh.

I plan on doing a basic smoke with a simple dry rub and a mop. I just wasn't sure where I wanted to go from there. It would be nice to sauce it with a nice BBQ sauce, bag it, and be able to heat it up and have it on kaiser buns, but that's pretty standard and I was looking for some other creative ideas; which I've now recieved!

I like the idea of tortillas and sauteed red peppers! Smokey chicken fajitas! Thanks forluv! Chicken pot pies... Mmmm. I think I'll try that at the cabin in a few weeks! Smoked chicken chili.... Oh yea! This is all great stuff guys - thanks.

I think what I'll do is mix some with a BBQ sauce to have on buns or bread. That's always tasty and easy. I think I'll also just freeze some of it as it is and do the smokey chicken fajitas; they just sound so tasty!!! Also pretty easy on a Coleman grill/stove.

Looks like I'll probably rub it tonight, then smoke it tomorrow. So you guys like pics, eh? icon_mrgreen.gif Let me see what I can do. icon_wink.gif
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backcountry -

here's the link to my complete recipe:

it can of course be modified or simplified to your needs, but the basics are there. the jajitas sound VERY nice!
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I see you've gotten some good advise, so all I can say is to have a great time, and take some pics.
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Great, thanks for that recipe. Looks easy enough.

I'll probably come home with 300+ pictures from the trip. eek.gif
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I have smoked many a chicken to eat later. Like dude said just bag it and freeze it to heat just boil some water and throw the bag in and wa la great eating chicken.
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2nd smoked chicken and I'm pretty impressed.

220F for 4 hours. 300F for last 30 minutes. Gave it a nice broth and spice mop for the last couple hours.

Thanks again for all the ideas!
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That's a sweet looking bird. I have a feeling you're gonna be making some fine meals on this trip. Can't wait to see what you do with it. All those ideas sound awesome.

I've got 20lbs of quarters in the freezer. May have to get some of these checked off my list.
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The trip was awesome. Weather was good. Food was amazing.

Here's what the smoked bird became.

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Good lookin' eats BC....
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Glad you had a great trip and even happier you ate well on it!

points.giffor planning ahead so you could enjoy some great smoked chicken on your vacation.
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wow great trip and awesome looking bird!! i'm actually brining a bird and got some 1/2 breasts and leg quarters in the zen fridge w/ shooter ricks snake bite rub. i'm gonna smoke them and then go to Catalina island for the weekend on the boat.
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