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Sunday Tri-Tip w/Vidalia Onion & Red Potatos - Page 2

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The vidalia onion looks like it would've tasted good schmeared over a cracker, or mixed with some sour cream, or cream cheese, for a dip! Nice job on your smoke!
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The fat cover insulates the meat fibers to some extent from over-cooking and becoming tough on the exposed outside; it doesn't add any juiciness from itself. Depends mostly on personal and dietary preference, twice as many calories in fat as there is in meat and it's not real good for you. But, it has it's own particular flavor that some people (including your's truly!) like. But, as a diabetic, I now have to limit my intake, so on a roast or prime rib I'll trim off all but a bare minimum cover (about 1/8" or less) so I can at least get a bit of the F vitamin along with the meal! (My doctor would harass me to no end on that one tho! lol!)

Pops §§
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Finally done, so with out further adoo, here's the final pics. The tri tip came out exceptionally well. Removing all of the fat really promotes an even "bark" all around.

Sliced & ready to hit the plate. Pulled it at 160 and gave it a 30 minute time out. Probably more done than most folks care for, but even at "medium" it's quite juicy and tender. Been my experience that pullin' it at 140 it was a bit chewy imo.

On the plate with the smoked Vidalia for a bit of garnish. For the spuds, I put in sour cream, chopped Vidalia onion, Zatarains, and topped it with bacon bits. Thanks for following along and hope you enjoyed my smoke today. Time to slip on the ol feedbagicon_lol.gif

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Thanks Laurel and you're right, but my main purpose in smokin' the onion was for a bit of garnish, and to chop some up and put in the spuds. These onions are great but smoked takes them to whole new level. They make a great snack all by their lonesome smoked.
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I'm going to have to give the smoked onion a try, it looks delicious as well as everything else. Like the plate too. biggrin.gif
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Great looking smoke Mikey!

Points! for getting everyone's mouth watering for that onion.
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Mikey I concede, you definately win.
That tip looks absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!
However, I do believe you may have caused a shortage of Vidalia onions in this country......icon_eek.gificon_lol.gif lmao
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Looks great! Looking forward to finished pics.
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Looks good Mikey! Gotta do the onion thing now.
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The vidalia onion is the best smoked onion i just cut the top off core it put a beef boulin cube & garlic butter in it put the lid back on & smoke @ 225° to 250° for bout 3 hrs.
oh yea melds in your mouth hickory or apple wood both are good.
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