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Landmann Quad Que

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Has anyone used a Landmann Quad Que? I'm currently using a Weber one touch to do all of my grilling and smoking, but I want to move up to something bigger. I'm still living at home so the amount of space I take up is a consideration into the type of smoker I want and the Landmann being vertical doesn’t seem too bad. Also because of my living situation I can’t just use a barrel because it would have to sit outside and it would "look like sh*t", their words not mine. They don't quite have the love of the smoke like I do. But I digress, so any thoughts on the Landmann? I was also thinking of about a Brinkmann square vertical. Help! I need some BBQ! I can't even go to a restaurant. The closest good bbq is a Famous Daves and that is an hour away, its like I live in a bbq black hole. Thanks Folks!
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I just looked it up, man that thing is pretty expensive. If it were me I would take a look at the WSM. Not only is it a tried and true design it's also not all that bad looking either imo.
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Ya, the price is pretty steep. I wonder how hard it would be to build one similar to it. I've got a buddy thats a really good welder. It looks pretty simple to me, I just wonder about the air flow.
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Heck, to me a nice painted uds looks better

Seriously not being familiar with it I really don't know. You could pick up a wsm for a bit over 2 bones and be smokin this weekend.
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I agree about the UDS. I could make one real purdy.
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Where in IL. are you?
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I'm in Peoria
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I was just down that way (Decatur) over the weekend, I'm in Wilmington.
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Yikes! I looked that up too. Very expensive! You can build your own UDS for about $200.00 or so, maybe less.
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Ya? I'm gonna be up your way next month for the Mazda Grand Prix at Autobahn CC. You got any hotels in Wilmington? I've been tryin to find a place to stay up there during that race weekend. I don't really want to drive back and forth.
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The only one I'm aware of is one called Van Duyne's. Do ya want the phone number? If so I can pm it to ya.
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Sure, I appreciate that. I drug my feet looking for a place forgetting that there is going to be like six different classes of racing that weekend, which means lot of people converging on a small area. Everything that is reasonably priced in Joliet has been sold out for months.
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PM sent .....
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