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Boneless Loin Chops, Smoked & Seared w/Cherry & Hickory

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This is another first smoke for my charcoaler w/smoke can mod.

On Edit: mis-titled, should be Mesquite instead of Hickory.

These range in thickness from 1" to 1-1/2".......nice ones:

Lemon-Pepper seasoned:

Cherry chips and Mesquite chunks:

Just into the smoke:

90 minutes in @ 120* grate temp, with a 180* rotation:

2-1/4 hours in the smoke:

Time for searing. I added another 2 lbs of hot coals, as there was only about 3/4 lb left from the longer smoke:

I have to close out Internet Explorer (stopped running) and re-open to finish posting (can't upload more pics).

Back in a few minutes (I hope)...


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The finished goods...

Here we are!

Served with my latest side, Cajun Vegetable/Rice Stir-Fry:

Thanks for peekin' Everyone!

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Very nice so far! Hope you get your issues straightened out.
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Nice job Smoke....
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Eric those look great!!!

This is complete noob question - I have never seen the coffee can and coals like that. If you have a sec, could you explain how you set that up. It looks really cool.

Again, thanks for the pics! Nice work!!!

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Thanks Trout!

Here's my original thread on the coal/smoke can mod from April '09, explaining it's conception for my grill.

Good smokes to ya!

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Awesome!! Thanks man! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifNice looking Eric.
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Great looking plate of food there eric. I'm sencing you like cajun style cooking here. Very nice job keep it up.
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Yes I do! Been hooked on that seasoning for about 5 years. I don't know very much about the actual cajun style food, but I sure do like to experiment with ideas.

I don't know if you caught this thread or not, but this is the process to make that veg/rice dish if you're interested:

I don't know if any authentic cajun chef's make this or something similar, but it sure is good stuff!

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Another great looking smoke. points.giffor a job well done.

About the IE issues...
Have you thought about running Mozilla Firefox instead?
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I did use Firefox several years ago when I still had XP (I really miss that machine). No, I think what happened was probably my own fault. I had 6, maybe more, seperate browsers uploading pics at the same time. I was trying to keep from being tied up waiting for uploads, so I was doing multiple uploads while I walked away to do other things for a few minutes.

This was the only time that IE stopped working on me and showed an error like that one. The weird part was that the browser running the forum was still OK. I logged out of the forum and closed them all anyway just to be sure.

I've done the same thing several time since then, and it has not happened again. I'm running Vista O/S........................been a bumpy ride......had a machine bought before it was even released for retail sale, so it was as new as it could be. There have been alot of issues with this O/S not working correctly with certain devices, or the Vista software won't even support your device, because other manufactuers didn't have the software info to get it up to date for Vista. Updates don't always help either. Smooth move, Microsoft!!!!!!!!

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