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Short Ribs w/Hickory on the SNP w/Q-View

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These were purchased a couple days ahead of the date on the package and have been chillin' in my -20* Q-freezer. One package had a few that I decided to trim off excess fat. Other than that, they don't look too shabby...they have really nice marbling.

I'm planning for smoke/foil/bark-set times of 4-2.5-0.5 @ 205-210* to render out as much fat as possible. The pieces aren't excessively thick, so they should heat up relatively quickly. I'll put the larger pieces onto a few of my known hot spots on the grates just in case. 225* on most areas gives me about 235-240* on a few small spots, so that should work out perfectly.

This tactic will be another test of my tuning plate mod, so I'll get to see how that works out, as well as turn out some good shortys.

The Rub recipe is a little bit different than I've used before. I wanted to try something new for a new smoke, and I also wanted to use some extra salt in hopes of helping to breakdown the high fat content in the meat during the smoke...at least that's my theory, I may be wrong.

1 Tbs - White Pepper
3 Tbs - Black Pepper, medium grind
4 Tbs - Kosher Salt
2 tsp - Cayenne Pepper (edited)
2 Tbs - Garlic Powder
1 tsp - Cumin
1 Tbs - Mild Smoked Paprika

I'll let these rest in the Q-fridge for about 2 hours prior to the smoke:

So, I'm about to find out what all the great looking Q-Views I have seen here on shortys TASTE like! They should be a tender and tasty treat, and with over 11lbs for 7 people, we should have a few extra...at least I hope!

I'll be back with more after I get the SNP fired up.

Thanks for lookin'!

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Good start, can't wait to see the finished product.
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Those look like they're going to be great. Good luck with your smoke. Keep us updated.
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Them's gonna be good!!!
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Smokin' now!

WOW!!!! That's a WET smoke chamber! I thought I had white bellowing smoke coming out the stack at first...it's just boat loads of humidy from the 4qt water pot.

The weather has been cool with scattered showers for a couple days, and the forecast is for the same with some T-storms for the next 7 days or so.

I'm not worried about the rain. I don't want to get wet messing with other outdoor stuff and I now have a temporary roof over my smokers, and 2 days off work to play with the thin blue!icon_lol.gif

Rack temps aren't doing too shabby...the tuning plate mod is still treating my food well. We're 20 minutes into the smoke when I took these, while I checked things out real quick.

The rack's about as full as I want to push it. I left the warmer rack out from the bird smoke a few days back...started thinking I might need it, but it's cool.

So, we're smokin' now!

Thanks again!

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Now thats a bunch of ribs,,, looking good,,,,,,,
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Nice and tasty looking ribs Eric.
How did you add a temporary roof?
A few times I have done it with tarps and a few with long pieces of wooden fencing and they worked, would be interested in seeing what kind of protection you've got rigged up.
When you get the chance that is.
Like the sound of that rub, gonna have to give that a try on my next set of ribs.

Was it 2T or 2t cayenne? It says Tsp and wanted to make sure it was meant to be teaspoon and not tablespoon.
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OOPS!!! Yep, it was 2 tsp Cayenne (I will change that)...that would make a very heated difference! LOL!!!!

My shelter is a wood frame (added to a metal gazebo frame) with lattice panels to slow down the wind (on my wood patio). I didn't get the larger cover over it yet (10' x 20'), so I have an 8' x 10' tarp stretched over the top for now. Center beam height is over 8' high...nice and roomy. I'll post pics of my kitchen when I get it mostly finished.


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2-1/2 hrs in...preview of good things to follow

This is how I'm making my (wet) TBS for this smoke:

Hickory chunks just smoldering away:

OK, this one is testing my patience! I can almost taste 'em already, LOL!!!:

Back in a few hours with more.

Thanks for peekin'!

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Lookin great so far.

make sure to post pics of the finished product and some of that outdoor setup you were talking about.
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Looks like your starting out good. Cann't wait for the final pics. One question though why do you have 6 temp gauges in the smoker ? two I can see but
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OK, Fire it up & Swinging Meat- you talked me into it!

Here's a peek at my kitchen build in progress.

Things aren't squared-up and plumb...we have major settling due to intermittent wet conditions, and I gave up trying to keep the patio/deck level.

The smoker-end:

The food-bar, gas grill and Q-refers are here:

The back wall of my Smokin' Sanctuary:

I've still got alot of organizing to do and finish the build per my needs. I want a bench to set the GOSM on, with storage underneath, as well as other customized storage for supplies and equipment.

Frame size is 10' x 20', with an additional 5' sidewalk area along the outer wall leading to the deck stairs.

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I recently did a tuning plate mod on this rig, and I've only used it about 1/2 dozen times since for bigger smokes. I have a couple spots that run hotter by about 15*, so I try to keep a close eye on rack temps anytime I open the lid to do something. It's not the perfect mod, it was just a cheapo to get me by for awhile. I plan on doing a reverse flow and possibly going vertical about 9" for a second set of racks.

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4-3/4 hours, just starting the brasing

This is my brasing liquid...1/2 cup of SD, 1/8 cup of Lemon:

The steams pans are ready for filling, and the ribs are showing some more shrinkage with the bones peeking out:

One pan filled:

Ribs foiled and back for a 240* brase. Did I forget to mention, I have some Dutch's Beans to reheat? (on far right):

They've been brasing for an hour now, so we're almost ready to dine on some fine grub! I can hardly wait!

Thanks again everybody!

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2-1/4 hours brasing, 7 total, back on the rack for firming up

Freshly opened steam pans:

Rushed the digi-cam on this one...out of focus...wanted to get the lid shut and food done:

I went back out and took this after seeing the above...just a peek:

Popped a few bones off getting them back to cook grates:

I'll be pulling 'em & getting finished pics in about 15-20 minutes.

Thanks all!

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This is it! I just ate my plate, good stuff!

One last look at the SNP before the pull, this is 30 minutes of firming them up:

Beans were @ 144* when I pulled the ribs from the foil pans, and 176* when everything came out:

That was delicious! The rub seemed to go really well with the richness of the meat. There isn't much for savories in the blend, and it matched up nicely, especially with the hickory smoke. The additional salt didn't come through in the taste either. Most of the fat was gone. Yummy! Big, HUGE hit with the family!

The beans, well, what can I say...they are from my can-butt-bird burn a couple days ago. Just as good as when they were fresh.

Thanks to everyone for having a look and posting your nice comments.

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Nice job on those! They look great even in the rain. I love the sanctuary!
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Great job on the ribs and beans!!! Thanks for sharing the views. I also think your cook shack is cool!!
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Nice smoke Erick. Thanks for the picks.
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Nice smoke. Looks like a great meal...
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