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Country Style Ribs W/Qview A Pay Back Gone Bad

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I was going to make pulled pork out of these since the last time I made them Carol didn't eat them up. They were meant as a pay back for the auto guy that is going to fix my bumper again for free.

Marinated with Yoshidas soy, Granulated garlic, and lemon pepper for maybe 30 minutes.

Into the smoker with a drip pan with some beef aujus and some onions for mixing in later.

4 hours later at 160', foiled and put the smoker on 155' until tonight when Carol came home.

That was the end of pay back, Carol had two, took one for tomorrows lunch, pulled one for me for a sammie later, and one baggie in the freezer. One left in a tupperware for the future.

Oh well, just another excuse to smoke this week icon_lol.gif for the car guy.

Thx for watching.
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Ron, it looks excellent! cool.gif
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I'm gonna try those country ribs next...Looks like they make a good snack...especially the ones you cooked up. Thanks for the View....
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Good looking pork, Ron! I really like those country style.
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Looks good Ron.
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Real nice piggie chunks Ron...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks for sharing the Q View Ron. That is a nice pay back method.
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Looks like those ribs were just falling apart, great job ron.
Wish I was able to barter some smoked goodness for labor.
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Looks tasty.

But let me make sure I understand. you made these for the car guy, then ate them all?
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Yep! icon_sad.gif

Don't worry, he wont be forgotten. I'll pick another butt for him.
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LOL. That's classic.
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sure is hard to smoke and watch it go aint it?PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Lookin good! What temp do you take these too? What's the time on them since they are just a cut up butt?
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165' and foiled same as the butts. It took about 4 hours then foiled and kept at 180' until the am. Then I held them at 155' until Carol got home fort pulling, she does the pulling, but she decided she wanted some.icon_lol.gif
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Looks good Ron as always. I gotta try some country's.
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