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Sourdough Bread

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Been raining here for three days, so no smoking. Decided to make a batch of sourdough bread.

The sponge started last night.

Mixed and risen, ready to punch down.

Brushed on the egg wash.

Three loaves done out of the six that I made.

Thanks for checking out my bread. Sorry, the pics got mixed up.

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YUMMMMMMM Bread looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You make some beautiful bread Bassman. Wow!
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Thanks Piney and Rivet! That's about the only satisfaction I get if I can't go fishing or put something on the smoker.biggrin.gif One thing about it, I can make a mean sliced chuck sandwich with sourdough!
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Nice looking bread Bassman.I did fresh pizza dough tonite,but that looks real good...supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon...
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Thanks ALX. If it's raining here again tomorrow, I think I'll make pizza dough. Thanks for the idea.
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I have got to put this on the to do list - great looking bread!
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Nothin better! Nice!
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I have tried at least 5 times to get a starter going and it always looks great for 2 days. the 3rd day it ALWAYS goes flat and never gets going again.

You're looks fantastic. I'm officially jealous (and drooling). Nice job.
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That is beautiful ... white, soft, bread with butter ... nothing better!!!

Do you mind sharing the recipe for your starter? I've never made a starter and am interested in trying this recipe. Thanks for the post!
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For the starter, just mix 1 cup of water with enough flour to make a batter (about like pancake batter). Let set on top of the fridge for several days until bubbly and has a nice sour smell. Stir once a day while it is coming to life.
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Looks awesome. Never tried bread.
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Great lookin loaves Bassman...gotta try makin some again (mine were no where near as nice lookin)
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MMM that looks great.

I really love Sour dough bread out of a Dutch.

Good lookin stuff.

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Bassman, that looks awesome!! Makes me want to reconstitute a packet of my 140+ year old sourdough and make some bread. Shoot, I just may make it in my d.o.
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Good looking bread.
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awesome sourdough Bassman!!! i got to do some bread again soon. nothing like fresh bread outta the oven... you did a heck of a job and can tell from the starter everything going your way!!!
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Bread can be just as addicting as BBQ (well maybe not, but ya gotta have somethin ta sop up yer sauce).

Here are some folks that are just as serious about their bread as we are about our BBQ.

If ya like to make bread check out their forum.

I know it would be uncool to post links to other BBQ forums, but I'm hopin posting a link to a bread forum is ok?
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Good link chrome - Lots of good info in there!
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