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smofried wings

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MAN these wings were great..nice crispy skin great smoke flavor

first smoked on the drum with pecan for hour and half

looking good with great grill marks

at an hour and a half into the big easy for 30 mins to crisp them up

out of the big easy..and tossed with tobasco chipotle

if yall dont have a big easy yall gotta get one !!!!
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Be nice if ya told us how ya got there. Wings are a area that is hard to work & have flavor & not rubbery!
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smoked.... fried in big easy, then tossed with tabasco chipotle icon_confused.gif

very crispy skin, great flavor......better than the wings ive had at the best wing joint in town
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Nice job Crazy horse
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Looks great, I love wings; but not as hot as I use to be able to eat.....
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Rock on Man!...had to pimp ya to tell us the gig!
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yo 88 you think Dale should dump Tony?

i do......

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good looking wings reb-ain't got a big easy but have a nice deep fryer in the kitchen-I a wing freak-can do wings.
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Nice twist on an old favorite. It's all good my friend.
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Really want to try wings like that.
Bought a deep fryeer and the third time I used it it broke, but the one I got for someone else has been going strong for 6 months now. Figures.
Nice job on the wings. Love tobasco chipotle.
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