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PPPPulled PPPPork.....

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Long time lurker first time poster....been schmoken for quite sometime, I decided to do some PP for Mom's day. I got rid of the char griller last year, man that thing had seen some cooks. Anywhoos I used the weber kettle for the first time smoking and I must say that thing held temps extremely well. I used the charcoal basket and Frontier mesquite hardwood charcoal, and hickory lumps. Started out at 300 for the first hour, a little hot for me, but for the maiden smoke on the kettle not to bad, kept the temps in the 220 - 275 range for about 3 1/2 hours on the first load, was able to sustain that through the cook on the other loads, minion method..
12 hours for the 9lb pork shoulder, hour rest and pulled it this morning at 0500 hrs....
only 1 pic with the phone sorry I'll get more next time..heres the finished product pre sauce.....
Oops I lied I did do some ABT's 2 weeks ago, forgot about that icon_lol.gif

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Good lookin smoke.
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Very nice. Congratulations
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Welcome to the SMF. Looks like you're jumping right into the fire. It's all good my friend.
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Welcome to SMF. Way to jump right in.
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us, finally. icon_lol.gif Nice job on the butt!
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Welcome to SMF... Sure looks like all will be eating well on this mothers day.
aka Rocky
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welcome aboard-good looking pork there.
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Looking good lvrgsp.
Glad you joined up and can't wait to see more great pics of your smoke.
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Welcome aboard! Looks like your turning out some good Q there!
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looking good ans welcome to smf
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Thanks all, I guess I should have introduced myself....
I live in Illinois, been smoking for quite a few years, I would not consider myself a pppppro at it, it's always a learning in progress..
Well the que was a hit today, I thought it could have used a little more sauce, but others liked it.

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What type of thermometer did you use? I am gearing up for my first smoke (hopefully next weekend) on a Weber 22.5 Kettle, just wondering. I am thinking of getting a dual probe thermometer for the pulled pork, one for the meat, and one for the kettle temp.

Looked good!!
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Ditto . Great looking PP.
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For the thermo I used a Weber digital therm with the remote sensor and monitor for the shoulder. For the grill I had a standard therm with a longer probe that I could stick down the vent tube almost to cooking grate level. I think what I will do when I use the kettle again is get it to 300 and wait for it to start coming down to about 275 or so and put the shoulder in then. Top vents full open entire cook...bottom vents full open to start with hot coals dumped on bed of cold coals and wood in coal basket lid off for about 10 min then lid on and bottom vents closed to about 1/3rd open...one thing I did notice was if I shook the coal basket after an hour or so my temps spiked a little so be ready for that, it really was surprising to see how long it could hold and maintain the temps on one load in the coal basket...somewhat smokenator esque I guess..
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Thanks - that was my plan as well for the Weber, try to get the temp @ 300, and then work on bringing it down. I bought the side baskets, so I planned on putting unlit coals on the bottom of the basket, and then dumping the lit coals on top. I would put the chips in and let them get started, and once temps got down to 275 - then the same thing - get the Pork Shoulder on and play with the bottom vents a bit.

Thanks for the tips. Just wondering - how many times did you add coals/wood during the smoke?

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I added 4 times on a 12 hr cook, that was taking it to 200 no foil or anything straight smoke baby, I added small chunks throughout the basket and the coals that way it got smoke through the whole burn....a little advice here, if you do not have it yet, go buy the weber hinged grate that allows you to load without removing the grate and food....also stick the freaking basket under the hinged portion....DOH!!!!! Dammit Jimicon_eek.gif
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Welcome aboard....that be some great lookin pork!!
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Welcome to SMF. Good job on the pork it looks great!
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Welcome to SMF
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