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Central Iowa Get Together-non gathering

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The Dude Abides and I were talking about getting together for a little que sometime as it looks like neither of us will make it to the gathering this summer.
He has a pretty busy schedule so we will need to plan ahead a bit to get it organized, does anyone else want to meet up and do you have any preference when and where?
We got the Smokin in the junction contest coming up May 23rd in Valley Junction but its a non sanctioned event and most of the big teams will be in KC for the classic but we should at least get a decent vendor or two, we could all meet there or even work out a friday to hit a local place after work. There are only a couple places where you can get a beer with your que so if thats important speak up and push for that place.
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Sounds good, I have an odd schedule also, but don't work the weekend of the 23rd.Not sure but some one may have signed me up for that comp.
Dude also talked about getting together for lunch somewhere also.
Let me know what ya come up with.
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I originally thought he worked downtown so we were going to try and go to lunch but he is actually in urbandale. Last I knew that contest is only $90 to enter and is a one day cook, just ribs, loin and chicken.
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Ya, and check out the time they allow to cook, speed ribs?
Thats also Memorial day week end, i got a block party to cook for.
How about getting together at BBQlossil? June 5-6, at the fair grounds in DM, i got to meat up with a member from Huxly there last year, he aint been around much lately.
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the bbqlossal would be fine also, about the VJ event, I thought it looked a little funny, check in at 6:30 am and judging at 1, I hope they assign the spots and stuff before check in or there is going to be some serious scrambling going on, there is no mention of a meat inspection but they have to do one right? At first they were saying $90 entry fee and the meat was going to be included but it looks like that fell through.
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No, they don't have to do a meat inspection, no sanctioning body to have rules.It's been my experience with these type of comps,they are very dis-functional, and have many problems. and tend to have judges that don't know what they are tasting, oddly i have won several of these type of events. They are fun to visit, not much fun anymore to compete in.More of these non sanctioned events are poping up, and many don't have desired results to those that have been into competition, they would rather see the local guy win, or 1 of their sponsors. I just hope the explosion of comps don't run people off with this becoming the "popular" thing to do or attend, remember NASCAR,used to be a heathens sport, then our society turned it into the "popular" thing, and run off alot of the true fans.
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Hey guys. I'm up for whatever. I was telling JDT that I have to go to Missouri every other Friday to pick up my son. But most of the time I'm open for lunch with a few days notice. That's unless I have to be somewhere for a customer. Evenings and weekends are rough for the next month or so with baseball and soccer games for my other 2 kids. Just gimme a little heads-up and should be no problem for me.

The Valley Junction thing is sounding more like VJ looking for an excuse to get people down to the area. They do a lot of that. I went down there this weekend to get a pizza and they were having a big block party for Cinco de Mayo or Dos de Mayo as it actually was.

But still could be a good time. They like to bring in bands and other stuff to do.

And beer doesn't have to be involved, but if it's available...
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Ya i got the goofy schedule but lunch works best for me, eve's is busy with softball and dance for the girls.
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so lunch might be our best option then, I don't accept alot of friday meetings so I usually have them free, I got may 15th, 22nd and 29th free at this point, do any of these days work for you guys? Where would you guys like to go?
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22nd works for me, i work the 15th and 29th.
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cool, we'll see if Dude is free that day, needless to say anyone else from central iowa is welcome to join us.
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As of now, the 22nd is all clear.
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OK, where we gonna feed faces, I have not ate BBQ at any of the places in DM, have heard good about Wendels and Woodys, don't know where their at in town either.
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I will try to make the 22nd, job schedule changes by the day. Woddy's is west of MLK on Cottage Grove. Let you all know later.
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they are both in the same neck of the woods as they say, 1.46 miles apart according to mapquest, one is north of the freeway, one is south, I have had Woodies and thought it was fine, I have heard Wendells is good but the couple times I drove by there was no wood smell in the air so I was afraid it was high pressure propaine que but I have since been told he has a big rotisserie style stick burner so I am willing to go to either place. Here is a mapquest link showing how to get from one to another.


22nd sounds like a plan if we can only figure out where to go.
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I've never had either, either. I was talking with a friend about getting together for lunch and he was raving about Wendell's. But I don't know if I'm willing to vouch for his love of Q. He said he also liked Jethro's and I didn't think that was all that great.

Smokebuzz, since you're driving down from Nevada (it is Nevada right?) would it be more convienent if we met you somewhere else? Has anyone had Poppa Chubby's in Ankeny? I've seen the signs but don't know anything about it. Or I've heard Kin Folks is good too.

But seriously, whatever you guys want to do is ok with me.
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I know that I'm brand new to the forum, but I wish I could join you all on the 22nd. Smokebuzz told me about the get together. Unfortunately, I've got something going on. It would be great to meet y'all at some point. Have fun.


P.S. Dude - I just love the name and avatar. Cracks me up!! That is one of my top 5 fav movies of all time. Is there a Persian rug placed on the ground near your smoker? icon_biggrin.gif
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To bad you can't make it, I suspect most of us want to at least walk through the bbqlossal at the fairgrounds on June 4-6 (saturday is the 6th) so maybe we could try again in june.
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Thanks ISU. That rug really ties my patio together! LOL
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Dude, i'm up for any where, just gotta have good eats, I know my way around DM pritty good, just need to know where to get of the free way or major st. I can be down town in about 25-30 minutes.
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