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22 pound turkey

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Is this even possible in a smoker? I am about to start a nice turkey my buddy got with a bow last weekend for a party tonight.

I guess I can always finish up in the oven. Pics will come later.
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Thats a big bird for the smoker have you considered spatchcocking it? I would also crank the heat in the smoker up to 325-350. Beings this is a wild bird it will not have the fat content of a commercial turkey I would consider injecting it and would drape it in bacon for moistness. Take some Qview for us
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Can you get oven temps in your smoker, 325? A large un-stuffed bird should be ok as long as you can maintain the higher temp, and get it above 140 internal temp within 4 hrs.

You can always split or spatchcock, will cook faster.
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LOL..guess Jerry already had you covered icon_smile.gif.
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^^^^^ they got it. That's a nice big bird.
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It's been awhile back, but bbally had a thread that went into alot of details about the 40-140*/4 hr rule...whole muscle meats aren't going to fall into the unsafe region as quickly, so, if you can get it 140* with a higher chamber temp, more power to ya, if not I wouldn't sweat that detail so much.

Here's the link to the low n slow discussion, lengthy but, great stuff to know:

Sounds like a nice feed to coming your way!

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well I put my thermometers in the wrong place, unless this is the fastest cooking turkey ever.

I got the smoker to about 325-350 for first two hours and thermometers are reading 160. This seems far to soon to be done.

I defrosted some of my homemade bacon and covered the turkey. I baste it with a mixture of beer, butter, pepper and some thyme.

I lowered the temp down to about 200 and going to give it another hour before I cut open to see if its done. Unless I read otherwise here.
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John check the temps in the thigh and breast that seems to fast for that size bird. Have you double checked the thermo lately?
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Your right. they went down. Skin is getting awfully black now. Plan was to take it off anyway when carving it. I was thinking of maybe putting some bbq sauce on for a glaze. Maybe peel the skin then apply..
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Words of wisdom. You don't want to have that big bird in the danger zone by using low & slow.
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Lest you spend the next day crapping out the bird at high velocity.biggrin.gif

I'm pretty sure bbally also mentioned in part of that thread that got lost in the crash and in another thread around Thanksgiving that got lost in the crash, that you NEVER take chances with poultry. Don't try to stretch the time in the danger zone with poultry.

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LOL Now that's funny
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I did a 23lb turkey last year in my vertical propane smoker at a temp of 300 - 325* with a water pan filled half way with white wine and the rack above the turkey was a piece of fat back right over the breast and it took 7 hours to smoke, the breast meat(instance read thermometer) was 165* and the thigh was 185*. I've read that you should never stuff a smoked turkey it wil contaminate the stuffing and the meat, has anyone ever heard this.
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