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Cherry-Smoked Turkey & ABT's w/Q-Vue

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Thought I'd try something different this time- no rub; just wanted the taste of the cherry wood and turkey to come through. Hadn't tried the Cap'n Morgan's Spiced Rum spritz yet, so I did that too.

Last minute impulse filling on the ABT's and lemme tell ya...."that's some good eatin' "

Here's the goods-

For the ABT's, mixed Cream Cheese, Mozz, Cheddar, Cilantro, a bit of Parmesan, and a whole roasted garlic from last night-

At the last minute, instead of putting a cranberry into each Jalapeno, I put a tart cherry at the bottom then filled them~keeping a simple, cherry theme going.

Into the smoker they go at about turkey-half-time. Looking good.

Hour and a bit later, they're ready. Just in time for the hunger pangs. That cherry at the bottom was the hit of the day...what a mellow flavor. Wow~

A couple hours later, she is done at a perfect point. Cherry wood smoke, cranberries bakin' inside, and "Cap'n Morgan and The Cranberry Juice Spritzers" making their music on the outside!

First cut purely for Q-Vue purposes.........

Thank you all for looking at what I made. I appreciate you alls time spent!
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points.gif Beautiful looking Q Rivet!

Must not be raining down there like it has been here. We've had like 3 inches in the last 24 hours.
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dang that thing is a beauty, gotta love that dark rich colour!!! fine, very fine!!!icon_arrow.gificon_arrow.gificon_arrow.gifpoints.gif
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nice pics. rivet gota try some cherry wood chips on poultry thanks
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Great pics always enhance the qvue experience, although any pic is appreciated. smile.gif Really nice looking smoke, Riv. How did that turkey turn out? Looks like it was pretty moist, and those abts were beautiful as well! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great looking grub there Rivet. Nice
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Thank you Sumo, I appreciate the good words!

The bird was juicy and fall-apart tender. I paid close attention to keeping the temps at 300 to 325 the whole time, and with my mods it was easy.

My wife said the best part was squooshing the cranberries (I put about a cup inside the bird prior to smoking) onto the meat on her sandwich. She loved the taste and I'm on the hook for making another one when this one is gone.
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Right on, Riv. Glad she enjoys the grub and you've got another smoke in your future sights!
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Very nice Rivet! I love the color of that bird...Cherry smoke adds such a nice mahogany color. It looks great, and I love the idea of the cherry in the bottom of the ABT. points.gif
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Looks great nice job I like the cherry idea
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Great job Rivet...your bird looks beautiful!!
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Awesome. I would have never thought of cherry in the bottom of the pepper.
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Looks awesome! Nice q/view
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Oh my! That bird and ABTs have charactor...NICELY DONE!!! The whole idea sounds and looks great...well executed cherry theme!

Got my vote.

Thanks for sharing you Q.

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I don't have words to properly express how good that bird looks. icon_eek.gif Great idea with the cherries in the abt's . Excellent job my friend. Points to you.
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Thank you for the encouraging post about smoking the entire bird.  I am going turkey hunting for the first time this weekend and have always heard the breasts are the only part that can be harvested.  I haven't really bought that, and from reading this forum, neither did you and it apparently paid off.


The pictures are now no longer showing on this site.  Any idea why that might be?  I'd sure love to see them.



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