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Just got my grinder

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Well I just got my 3/4 hp cabelas grinder today. And I also got a brinkman upright given to me also. I have a smoke daddy I am going to through on it and use it as a cold smoker for small batch's. I also just ordered about 100 dollars worth of seasonings and equipment from
I am chomping at the bit to get some sausage through this thing. What would your first project be if it was your first time ? I think I am just going to stick with pork and beef for now and around hunting season it will really earn it's keep.

Any advice would be well recieved. I have been reading alot about this but don't have any real hands on experience. thanks alot in advance
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Nice pork butt is ready made for sausage.I dont put it in casings just roll up like small meatloaf and freeze rolls till i need.Fire that bad boy up and post some q-view-you got me hungry.
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Kielbasa, polish, is easy for a virgin to make if you have some casings. If you dont have any casings you could make a Jimmy Dean clone and make some nice fattys.
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Pork butts are perfect. Try to find some that have not been cryopac'd in solution if you can. One local store is selling butts sliced into pork steaks for 99 cents a pound. No juice in that and it will make sausage too....just a pile of little bones instead of one big one.

Below are a couple recipes you can do as bulk.

Recipe for 3 pounds (basic breakfast sausage....a little mild....if you like it hotter, boost one or both of the peppers a little)

3# Ground Pork
3 tsp coarse (kosher) salt
3/4 tsp white pepper (finely ground)
1/2 tsp ground thyme
1 1/2 tsp ground dried sage
3/4 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper

Just mix it well by hand, press it into patties and fry it up!
You can split these up into small plastic tubs of about 1 pound each if you can't eat it that fast and freeze. (Fatty optional)

Option 2: (Italian Sausage)

5 Pounds Ground Pork
5 tsp coarse salt
3 tsp fresh black, coarsely ground black pepper
2 cloves minced garlic
2 1/2 tsp fennel seed
1 tsp anise
1 tsp crushed red pepper

Same thing. Just mix in the spices, save it in tub in bulk and work from there. The tubs will keep in the fridge about a week. (Fatty Optional)
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i did polish as my first and sweet italian for the second.
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Congrats on the new grinder
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I use Rytek Kutas recipes from his book. The keilbasa I modify by using granulated garlic instead of the fresh. Same with italian by adding red pepper flakes for some heat. If your planning on smoking don't forget to add the proper amount of insta cure #1. Good luck.
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Congratulations on your new grinder!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Still lobbyin' for one to call my own.....PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif

You got a geat unit there, keep us posted with your first project.
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That is one heck of a grinder you got. If you don't have a stuffer yet I would start looking, you will want one eventually.
Like Ol'Smokey said, get Rytek Kutas' book. We really like his Venison salami recipe. This year we added 1lb of chopped fresh jalapeno's and 1lb of chopped cheddar cheese to a 10lb batch (5lb venison & 5lb pork butt) and it turned out fantastic.
Enjoy your new hobby!
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What kind of sausage are you using insta cure in? Will I need to use it in my Italian when I smoke it to eat that day or is it used manly for things like summer sausage?

Sorry don't mean to hijack this thread.

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Summer sausage, you can stuff those casings by hand, you will want a stuffer for anything smaller, I have used my grinder as a stuffer....and it works but takes forever.
Have fun and get your exercise, this hobby can make a guy chunky.
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Congrats on the grinder...lookin forward to seein your first run!
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Polish sausage and/or Italian sausage (hot or sweet or both).
All 3 are popular, everybody likes em
Hard to do a bad job on these 3
Larger casings are much easier
All 3 are good on a grill or in the smoker
All 3 are versatile, you can use them in lots of recipes

You - and all your hunting buddies - are gonna love that grinder. I have a 1HP, we grind an entire deer in 3-5 minutes.
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thanks guys for all the tips...I think i am going to start with a maple suasage (for fatties) and some chorizo. just for the first time to get a feel for it. should go alot smoother then trying to also figure out the stuffing part. after that then possibly a brat or kielbasa and a potato suasage from sweden (it just sounds great). And i will deffinitly through up some qview.
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Venison Bacon may be another idea, easy to make and it does not have to be made with venison, beef will substitute fine if you like. Here is a link -
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Congrats on the grinder. My first sausage was a regular cajun sausage, then brats, then boudin. I have a 25 # kit for Polish Sausage that needs to be done. Local Market has butts for 97 cents/pound. Going to tear them up. Need casings, check with local butcher. They usually sell them. place around here only sells them by the hank, about $36.00/hank. On here they know their stuff. They helped me a lot with the whole process. Alsocheck out Chevpro's sticky on turning the casings inside out. Makes it look better. This sausage was before I knew that little trick.

Pics of my first solo run. Nothing fancy, but it was good.

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You use insta cure (aka pink salt, DC#1, DQ#1) when you are going to smoke sausage/meat at low temperatures. This is to prevent botulism which occurs in low heat, low oxygen environments such as the low and slow smoking method. If used, you can safely smoke for hours at temps between 90F and 165F, and stop cooking when your sausage/meat reaches 152 F internal temp. If not used, you need to smoke (more like grilling) at a minimum of say 250 F and take your sausage/meat to an internal temp of 160-165. Basically without cure, you want to get the sausage/meat out of the danger zone temp range of 40 to 140 F as quickly as possible. Typically Italian sausage isn't smoked, therefore cure it isn't added. I would recommend not adding cure and if you are going to smoke it use the higher temps.
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Thanks for the info. I am learning little by little thanks to folks like you.

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Any Qviews of your first grinds and sausages you've made?

An easy one to do is breakfast pan sausage. If you have a scale, you can mix together 1 oz. sage, 2 oz. black pepper and 8 oz. salt, then measure out ½ oz. of the seasoning mix per 1 lb. of meat.

Mix seasoning with meat:

and grind twice through the coarse plate, or if you like it finer, 1st time through the coarse, 2nd time through the fine plate.

Then, either stuff in sheep (for little link)

or hog (for dinner link) casings, or what I do is just patty them up on a cookie sheet with double layers of wax paper in between, freeze overnight, then separate and bag into ziplocs (if you wear plastic gloves it makes pattying them a lot easier!).

You can take out a few and fry up as needed!

Pops §§
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