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Been a while w/qview

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So its been a while since I have smoked anything or put up qview. Yesterday we were at the store i was loading up the cart and the wife looked at me strange and I said to her were having company tomorrow. Not sure who but someone. I couldn't pass up the sales. They had trimmed tri-tip for 2.75 a lb. So today I whipped up some run and put 2 tri-tips on the GOSM. Also tried for the first time Moink balls and pig candy.

Moink balls and pig candy ready to go

Tri-tip rubbed down

Tri-tip went on a bit longer than i normally do but was still juicy and good.

Moink balls and pig candy ready and very tasty

The whole spread.

Thanks for viewing and if you have any questions please let me know.
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Looks great.
What's "pig candy"? Looks like bacon with rub on it.
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Looks delicious, you have not lost your touch !!!
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The first time I heard about it I was told to use brownsugar and spices on it then smoke it crisp. I didnt use the brown sugar today only used my rub which has sugar in it. It was very good. I will do a big batch of it and vac seal for future snacks. I would highly recommend trying it.
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Nice Job man, Everything looks delicious.points.gif
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Looks mighty tasty Mr Mudd!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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sweet man!!! beats puter probs i bet!!!points.gif
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Amen Erain
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Nice job, Brian. Everything looks delicious. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Everything looks fantastic. So who came over? icon_mrgreen.gif
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nice qview Brian thanks.
Pig candy is any type of bacon as i see it cause i like it that way.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks awesome glad you got a chance to fire up the smoker
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Nice lookin' tri tip Brian. I know you don't have a freezer yet, but wow at that price I'd have hit 10 stores. With a limit of 2, it's a tease isn't it? Yours came out lookin' better than mine did. And to think the "butchers" in the east grind em up for burger meateek.gif What a shame!
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All looks excellent!!!
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Real nice grub Brian....good ta see ya got a break from workin on the site!
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Looks Fantastic Moink Balls???

Sure looks awesome. Mind explaining 'Moink Balls' please. Ingredients/time/prep info. Inquiring minds so curious to know.

Thanks in advance,

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Some friends from church and their 3 kids. It was a great time. The kids had a blast.

In a nut shell its a meatball wrapped in bacon. You can coat with bbq if you want. Some people say they have to be store bought ones to be moinkballs. I just got some ground sirloin added a egg bread crumbs garlic onion powder Italian seasoning and Worcestershire sauce. Mixed up and rolled into balls. Soaked some toothpicks and then wrapped in bacon. Put them in the smoker with the tri tip so it was at about 230. they were a bit dry so im sure I left them on for a bit longer than i should of just like the tri tip. Lost track of time shooting the chit with the friend. Next time I will not get pre ground stuff. Ill prob get a london broil and grinde it up with a little pork to add the moisture to the meatballs. If you make the meatballs by hand your looking about 1 hour total prep and cleanup time. Also on the seasoning i eyeballed the measurements because i was short on time. The only think I will say less is more with the Italian seasoning.

Also I used thick cut bacon which took a while to cook(which might explain the slightly dry meatball) so next time ill use thinner bacon or precook the thick in the oven for a few minutes before wrapping.

Any other questions let me know.
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