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California made smokers?

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Anyone know of a quality smoker made in or near California? Or do most people make them or have them custom made?
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You lucky dog up there in Santa Rosa.
I have family in SR and i will contact them to find out where one might find a BBQ shop.
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well I was gonna say try bass pro shops for a horizon but they are hijacking people for $300 in shipping charges so the $999 20 inch classic is gonna cost $1299
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i still cant fathom paying 999 for a smoker. i would custom build one first(im sure you can get a decent welder to build one for less)
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Call Horizon direct and talk to Angie. There were no dealers here so I bought direct from Horizon. They gave me a pretty good discount to help off set shipping charges.
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Look at other makers, you'll be surprised on their pricing.
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I think horizons prices are in line with the industry on commercially manufactured pits, I used a one man outfit out of tulsa

he charges much less than any of the other builders and his quality is within 90-95% of theirs, he don't charge $10 an inch for his welds like some others seem to so its much cheaper, his 24 x 36 has dual racks much more cooking space and costs $450, $449 less than the 20 inch classic horizon, it comes with a pot warmer which is an option on horizons and the ash dump is the envy of all my vintage OK Joes, horizon and Klose owning friends.
One guy on this forum just had one shipped from OK to IL for around $200.
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