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Cheap and Easy Chargriller Basket

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I have used this basked all through winter but am just now getting the chance to upload some shots of it.

I can't remember the exact details, but it was less than $15.00; got everything from my local Ace Hardware: 1 sheet Stainless expanded metal (25x25, I think). (4) sets of 3/8" hex head bolts, flat washers and nuts.

While the basket is cheap and easy, I will add that cutting stainless is not easy. I had a nice set of bolt cutters, but a hack saw would work, and end cutters will not. It's also a good idea to wear at least gloves, but long sleeves aren't a bad idea. Working with this stuff is like juggling razor blades. But, the stainless is needed to handle the heat.
I won't go too deep into assembly details because you folks are smart and it really isn't that complicated. I just cut the sheet in half, and then cut one of the halves into 2 additional halves. Nearly the entire sheet is used to maximize volume. I then stitch it up with cheap electric fence wire (also known around my house as "chevrolet wire"), bending as you go along. I stitched the 4 corners first to get the bend and the dimensions set, then add the remaining stitches. Finally, mount the bolts out the bottom.

As you can see from the photos, it allows for about 2 inches on all sides for good ventilation. It fits like a glove through the opening and holds nearly an entire bag of Royal Oak Lump.

Basket view

Looking into the firebox (don't give me any crap about the rustPDT_Armataz_01_18.gif )

Front View. About as tall as you can get and still fit through the firebox opening.
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Nice job on that basket.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good. The bolts are legs?
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yea, just long enough to lift the basket up and get good air flow underneath.
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Nice mod, simple to do and cheap. Points for a great idea and good instructions.
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Nice job on the basket. I've been meaning to make one for the longest while but haven't gotten around to it.

How would you go about using the minion method in a basket like that? Would you put a bunch of unlit coals on the bottom and put a chimney (or two) of lit on top?

Or would you try to get lit on one side, unlit on the other?

Thanks guys!
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Real nice job on the basket Josh
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That looks great. Good jobPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Will you get a longer burn with the basket?

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Longer yes, but you will also get a more efficient burn. Without a basket with decent ventilation room, the ash will choke the embers and they won't fully burn. I did several smokes this weekend and ran my chargriller for 12 hours (at 225) with a single bag of Royal Oak. I only filled the basket half full to avoid the potential for a runaway fire, and added lump every 2-3 hours.
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That is very cool!

So stainless steel is ok but galvinized is not right? Any other good or bad metals? (some put off poisonous gasses?)
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