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Moink balls for a side?

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not much going on yesterday afternoon mama had some ground beef leftover from a meatloaf she made so we made up some meat balls for pasta hair and moink balls for a side with a couple of t-bones. moink balls had a little heat used texas petes buffalo sauce on top of them. these make a better orderve than a side but they were still tastie.fired up christene with apple chips and for some reason the oder made the cold ones jump right out of the cooler.

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Nice Q VIEW Good looking smoker. Whats the little gate up high on the right for?
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Mmmmm....Nice looking Q.
Glad to see pics of christene running.
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gossip gate youngest son live next door and i can send grandkids home fast if need be lolicon_biggrin.gif
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?hat's a Moink

I didn't know Moinks had balls..looks good if i didn't already have a full belly i'd be drooling
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Mmmmm.... good looking moink balls Terry! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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?hat's a Moink
someone created this a while back just meat balls wrapped in pig candy (bacon).
these here have worch.sauce/dried onions/cbp/egg'cayenne& basted with texas petes buffalo wings sauce for a little pizaaaaazzzzzzzzz.
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They look great !

I did a thread on these awhile back and it got zapped in the transistion.

I make the meat balls out of lamb, beef and pork as well as a few other ingredients:

They get a rub as well:

Then, they get smoked for awhile and then dipped into a bbq sauce and then back on the smoke. The bacon is there the whole time. Once done:

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Abelman, thanks for re-posting your recipe for the moink balls! I think we may try to squeeze these in at the gathering icon_mrgreen.gif
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moink balls

i think i'll have to try some of these this weekend if i don't have to work
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try it you'll like iticon_lol.gif
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