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Powerhouse Church Brisket and Beans with Qview

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I have my longhorn loaded up tonight. It was 3 briskets for the church and 1 brisket for my mothers retirement day today. Well the church function is 65 people for saturday I am also making 20lbs of chicken. Here are the pics.

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That is a very nice smoke you have going on there. I can't wait to see things as they progress.
Really nice briskets too. Wish I could get cuts like a lot of people on here do, but Jersey-people don't generally like to smoke around here.
Anyways, good luck with everything, I'll be checking back to drool.
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Looks good from here!
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Looking forward to seeing the finished pics. There's nothing better than a loaded smoker.
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Time to slobber a little guys. Here they are at 180 at 10hrs.

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Looks fantastic. I think Im going shopping for a brisket today thanks to you. And I really like the smoker. It looks like it turned three briskets into four. I wish My smoker could do that...
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Good lookin brisket! Tell yer ma congrats to!
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got the brisket out and wrapped and put in icechest. I wont show those till i cut at location. Chicken is on and i need some fuel for the bigman. here are some pics. The beans are looking good and i made me a real smokers breakfast smoked sausage and egg tacos with homemade tortillas and refried beans.

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Now that's a feast. Great looking briskets.
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Here are some more pics. The event went great and the people were very happy. I got a good tip from someone there. I noticed that the smaller briskets came out a little dry I guess its because it didnt have that much fat. I know under all the fat was almost pulling but the flat was dry. Chicken was good and pink.

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Quite a feast!
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Looks great!! I love cooking for large groups, always fun!
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Man that is some fest you cooked up there! Good job!
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Sure looks good.

I'm cooking for 40 this Saturday. The group will be a mix of men/women/few kids. Would you, or someone, mind giving me an estimate of how much food to buy/prepare? I have 3 untrimmed briskets, totalling 38 lbs. I have 6 lbs of sausage. I'm thinking this will be plenty of meat. What do you think? I need some help with the sides though. How many lbs of dried pinto beans should I buy? And how many lbs of potatoes should I buy for potato salad? And last, how many cabbage heads do I need for coleslaw?

I'm not new to cooking, and smoking meat. But I've never cooked for this many.
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Real nice lookin grub....great job!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well for 40 people You got more meat then they will eat. Unless you are going to let them take it home that is. IMO about a 1/4 lb per person unless you have some big eaters then go up to 1/2 lb. As for the beans, potatoes, about the same. Cabbage can be tricky, but I would guess 3 to 4 easy.

I hope that helps a little.
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Fine lookin grub. Your church is blessed!
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Outstanding meal. Call you "the provider"! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
That soft taco looked pretty darn good too.
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