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Thanks everyone it was a lot of fun to make. For the fattie I will probably go with bacon in the future or baste on some BQ sauce. The outside was a bit drier then I'd like. But I figured with the sock on there the BQ sauce would get knocked off, so I just went with the rub.

I can think of a few uses for the sock, so I'm sure I'll use it eventually.

Nope everything went in raw. Now remember I used high temp cheese. I thought regular cheese might melt out fast since you can't really seal up the round steak. This would probably work with a flank steak too, if you can get a whole flank steak. Though in this case you may roll it up sideways since it would be too thick to roll up lengthways. With my round steak I held it in place with toothpicks first. Then I tied some string around it and removed the toothpicks, and finally I was able to use the sock.

Here's an idea that may help putting a sock on a fattie or something else. Buy a small funnel that is about the size of the fattie or the rolled up steak. Cut the tip off. Now slide it on one end and pull the sock up over that. Once the sock is on pull the funnel off. The funnel I bought was too big so I didn't get to try it to see if it would work good.

If it works I'll take credit. If it doesn't, you didn't hear it from me.