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Wait, so you cook hotter (275) and don't add juice then? Just the stuff you posted and you do foil at the end?

Cool on the competitions, I've watched those on TV, makes me hungry too!
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i find 250 to be a good temperature - 225 is certainly too low in my opinon. 275-300 wouldn't be bad, but i wouldn't go much higher than that.
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250.... man I had 250 for 5 hours last weekend, should have had ribs on the smoker!!! Watch, this weekend I won't be able to get things right for nothing lol
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Man I might be able to smoke those ribs outside instead of in the garage on Sunday, were finally warming up!!

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I cook at 275 grate and usually never go above or below by 5 degrees- took practice.I smoke for 2 and1/2 hours- then foil with what i listed in that order- for 1 and 1/2 hours putting ribs meat side down in one layer only of foil-careful not to puncture foil and foil tight as possible.Then i open foil on grate and pour off juices(into waterpan) and sauce bone side with ribs still in foil- for ten minutes.Then i flip ribs out of foil and sauce meat side ten minutes.At 1 and1/2 hour mark into smoke i squeeze parkay on meat side of ribs liberaly-this gets rid of reason for spritzing and seals ribs.You dont add juice-they will baste in foil mixture and juices of rib.added juice creates mush if foiled 1 and1/2 hours.
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wow cool, thanks for sharing that. Your stategy sure sounds good too!
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from time i pull sauced ribs i have 10 minutes to turn in the ribs-that leaves me 8 minutes to cut and put in turn in box and get to judges table.Taking ribs from grill to foil you can take your time 5-10 minutes and it will not hurt.The temps and time are the key-and it will take practice,but i can do this ( st.louis trimmed spareribs all i use for this) in my sleep now and in comps- consistency is key- as the judges change from event to event.
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that's really cool, have you been on TV with any comps? You have that dialed in perfect! thanks so much for the help. Can't wait to try and make some this weekend.

Hey, do you also make beef ribs? We have a local place called Longhorn BBQ, they have the most amazing beef ribs I've ever tasted, I think 99% of the taste is the type of rib they use. I assume their own long horn cattle. The ribs are huge and really meaty, hardly and visible fat. They smoke them there and serve the sauce on the side. The meat is moist and pullable and so super good. I've bought beef ribs at the grocery store, probably from standard old white face cattle and they are nasty. Any tips on buying the right beef ribs?
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