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Another Post St. Paddy Pastrami

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I have a few corned beefs stashed in the freezer. This is the most recent one smoked. This one had a little piece of point attched to the flat. The pics are of the point cut and that's what I ate while slicing up the rest of the flat. Spice rub-Pepper corn mix, coriander seeds, mustard seeds and garlic powder. Smoked at 270*, yeah I know that was high but I was short on time and it turned out great. Woods included hickory, grapefruit and sea grape.

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That looks delicious. Nice job. icon_smile.gif
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Congrats, it looks good! Still can't get cheap corned beef here, $4.19 a pound? You crazy? You're ACME!
Hope to post my own pastrami Qview soon...we'll see.
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Mmmmmm! Looks amazing! Dibs on any leftovers if it's not too late. biggrin.gif
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Looking good!
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Looks awesome! I've been keeping my eye out for some sea grape to try...Have you used just sea grape on a smoke??? How did it taste/burn etc?
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Looks Yummy!
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any feedback???
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ummm...Are you onto something you don't want to share?
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Sorry for the delay. No secrets.

When smelling the sea grape smoke it has a hint of cinnamon. I've not done just a sea grape smoke. I have some large pieces but need to break them down. Mostly what I have been using are the twigs that I can break into usable sizes for the wood tray.
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Man that looks good.
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VERY interesting! Hint of cinnamon, sounds like a great wood to try for a slow jerk smoke. Thank you for the feedback!
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