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newb looking for advice for gosm mod

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Hello i have been a member for a little while and have learned a lot reading the awesome threads in this forum. i am going to be buying a GOSM very soon and was wondering what mods i should do it?? I was thinking of doing the addition of a stack and new chip box and possibly the needle valve mod. and I was wondering if there wre any others i should consider. also if there was any pictures of these mods or pictures showing how to do them. I am one of those people that needs to see things, and once i do then i can make just abought anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

I can't wait to get started making and eating some great Q that i have read so much a bought in this great forum, along with trying all the great ideas that i have gotton from you all.
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Jon heres a couple of great mods
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Welcome to the forum, jon! You'll be happy with the GOSM. Its a good rig without any mods, but there are a few that make it even better. A good place to start:

These threads all talk about some mods to gassers.
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Congrats on the new GOSM, it's a good smoker. Mods might depend on the model you have, but first I'd run a few smokes to see what you actually need or could improve on. Sometimes you'll be happy with the smoker right out of the box. Very first thing to check is the stock therm, they usually are not dependable. Good luck and happy smokes.
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thanks this has helped me a lot. i can't wait to get started.biggrin.gif
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome aboard Jon...great ta have ya here
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