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Lala's first taste of abt's

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I have been promising some co-workers the flavorful peppers after I teased them with a batch a few months ago. Japs were pretty good size and I found some sweet peppers that I bought to throw in for some added color (they're the one's that aren't green).

The filling is made of cream cheese, bacon crumbles, minced garlic (about 5 cloves), and a shredded mexican cheese blend.

They turned out well and I didn't mind feeding Lala a few sticks to get 'em done. Cooked them until the bacon was crisp and total smoke time was around 2 hours. Peppers were soft, but a bit crunchy which were nice.

Thanks for checking out my q!
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Laurel, that looks fantastic!! Both you and Lala did a fine job!icon_cool.gifbiggrin.gif
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Looks great nice job!!
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Great looking abt's Laurel !!! I betchya Lala Had fun too biggrin.gif
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Nice looking peppers. They look even better when you got them smoked!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif I would take 6 or 8 of them.
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Laurel... I think Lala would be much happier at my house...really... You need to think about what is best for Lala...
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Wow, those look great.

I like the different colored peppers, too.biggrin.gif

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nice color girl-LALA LALA-sounds like a old kinks song-your peppers sound and look good.and ya was Lola
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Looks mighty tasty Laurel.....Lala happy!icon_smile.gif
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As always, thanks for the compliments from those that have posted. ABTs are fun to make and I did enjoy the color variation with the sweet peppers. Lala is definitely a happy girl!
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LOL!! I like how you think SF ... icon_cool.gif
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Mmmmm those look great...some really nice pics...WTG Laurel!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I have to make some ABT's as an appetiser in a pot luck Mrs. Big Steve and I will be going to next week. I think I'm going to halve them, and cover them with just a small piece of Bacon like the OP did. I like them just fine wrapped in a whole slice, but they look more presentable the way the OP did them. Also, so many folks are petrified of Bacon these days, one small piece to cover a half a pepper might not scare them so much.

Thanks for the Pics!
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So its safe to assume that Lala will be on her way soon...right?
If you need my address send a PM.
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Them look great laurel! Try the same thin somtime but put a little smokie in there, good stuff to!
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Nice job on those Laurel! Colorful pile of peppers. I haven't done ABTs yet and keep saying I'm going try them. Yours look really good icon_smile.gif.
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I am thinking up a menu for a cook. Those multi colored ABTs definetly make the menu. Great Q-view! Points!
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Looks awesome laurel. I have one question though. Did you wear gloves??? ;)

Thanks for that colorful qview,

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Great Q Laurel, thanks for sharing some tasy looking ABT's.
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If I did that I may be part of the divorce statistic eek.gif although an invite to my house is always out there!

I saw you do that on some of your prior abt smokes, Tip. I will be trying that soon to see how they taste.

Yes, I definitely wore gloves!! After seeding japs for the first time without gloves (and being a chronic nail biter) I learned my lesson fast!!

Thanks for all the nice comments, folks!! biggrin.gif
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