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what new toy would that be??? or you know something i dont lol!!! it was the old gosm still smokin.

thks for the comments everyone. theres some good video clips on you tube, thats what i followed. thks all!!!
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Thats the "pull back" that develops from the shrink of the natural cooking process. When you think the ribs are nearly done, you grab hold of one of those bone tips and give it a little twist. It should turn ever so slightly within the meat, without pulling out. Then they are done (at least to my liking). Great looking ribs erain, and great tutorial. I got a rack in the freezer just dying for this treatment. Just gotta find the time.
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Looks great, erain! I don't know how I missed this post. Just saw it this morning. Thanks for the Qview.
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Thought you were breaking out the new SS 40" biggrin.gif
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Hey hey!!! Thanks mulepackin! I am learning something new every day! Love this place!
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This looks great erain!


I should have swung up for dinner but I have spares on the smoker now!

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