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New herb garden

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Well I got the herbs in along with a couple tomatoe plants. The herbs planted are: garlic chives, cilantro, thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary. First venture in culinary herbs outside so we will see.
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your gonna love it rick-so nice to harvest herbs & dry inside.
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still winter

i cant even think about a garden yet saw snow today but good for you ive used all the herbs i grew in my wimdow box so its either dry or store bought be careful some weeds (HERBS) WILL GET TOTALY OUTTA CONTROL and take over a garden
i guess thet just means morebiggrin.gif
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I made the mistake of planting mint in an open bed. (what a mess) stuff took over the whole bed and ended up having to round up to get rid of it.
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Gonna try some herbs myself this year, after planting a rosemary bush last spring it has been great having fresh Rosemary all winter. It appears to have survived the winter although the tips got burned off a month or so back.

eman: good to know about the mint
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Well mixed success with the herb garden.  Rosemary, Lavendar, chives, thyme, did fine.  Oregano, basil, sage, all died.  Did some research and found many herbs do porly with wood chip mulches.  OOPS>  Next year will set some clay pots in the bed partially burried and go that route. 

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We have herbs scattered around the yard, but are in the process of making a raised herb garden near the back door so it's more convenient to get to them. Fresh herbs sure taste better than dried, but don't forget you have to use a little more fresh to get the same flavor.

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