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Locked out again?

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Im startin to get a complex or something. I know the forum was down again. I missed it as much as anyone so when I found it was back I quickly logged in and posted a couple of times just to get my fix. That was Thursday. On Friday I wasnt allowed back in. It claims I dont know my password. And it wont let me change it either. Hmmm....If I had any feelings Im sure they would be hurt.

Well today it let me change my password so "Im Back"!

You arent gettin rid of me that easy!
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Just another one of the many quirks of getting back to normal. I'm sure Brian will get it fixed up shortly.
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Welcome welcome welcome!! LOL I was checking everyday like tens times a day! I was having withdraw symptoms. I did not know what do do with myself. LMAO

Im glad we are back!
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I second that! There are still 'Kinks' being worked out. I have lost my avatar, and I notice everyone has lost their green tiles. But I'm so happy to have the forum back that I don't even care.

Oops, as soon as I posted, I realized my avatar was back! One more 'kink' worked out!
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Welcome back, yet again. biggrin.gif
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