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sausage casings

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wondering if anybody has a good place to order a bunch of sausage casing from we have 250# of venison to do and am trying to save a little money on the casings. we are making summer sausage and sticks mainly
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here a link that was recomended....but I've never dealt with them;
I'm local to them and will try them when the time comes
I just bought some things from Butcher/ packer with ready good results with shipping costs and fast delivery.
The Sausage Maker for me is the best cause it's only a couple hundred miles away and I usually get it 2 days after i order

Edit; Dang just reread your post...thats a lot of casing,try Syracuse casing then butcher/packer , the sausagemaker wouldn't be competitive.
and Let us know what you end up with and how it works out for ya!
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Just my 2 cents worth, but I'd say check with a local butcher if your lookin for natural casings. If your lookin for collagen, get em off ebay.
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I definitely like Syracuse Casings, I've ordered from them many times and also used them for many years while at Victory Markets/Great American Food Stores. They have pre-loaded casings on sleeves you just slide onto the stuffing horn and you're ready to go! Prices are competitive and they're American Casings, not Chinese and of excellent quality. Here's the link:
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