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Another Pork Butt Thread

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Just thought I'd post this since I hadn't smoked anything for awhile. Did these yesterday.

The one on the lest was rubbed with Rosemary garlic seasoning, the other with Jeff's rub. I'll stick with Jeff's rub. Rosemary garlic is just OK, not great on a butt.

Out of the smoker and rested.

Pulled and ready. Made some great sammies served with Dutch's beans.

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They both look delicious. :D
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that be some dang good PP!
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Bassman that looks great, and im going to have to try these beans you all keep talking about.
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Once you try Dutch's beans, you won't be satisfied with regular beans again! They are absolutely great. Sometimes I make too many to be eaten right away, so I freeze them in individual containers. Once thawed, they are still great.
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Bassman, Nice grub. I don't do Dutch's baked beans, I have my own variation of them but anything you do to out of the can beans is an improvement.
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Glad to see everything back up and going! Now I still think of myself as a knubie. So could some one please direct me toward the recipe for Dutch's Beans. I keep reading about how great they are but have not been able to find the recipe. Nice job Bassman. Makes me hungry just looking. Can't wait for smellavision! cool.gif
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Here you go, Cruizer.

Dutch's "Wicked Baked Beans"
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Great job.....gotta love dem butts!
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Either way I want some. Looks great.
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