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While SMF Was Away

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I tried these over the weekend and they were absolutely DELICIOUS!!! Thanks for the great idea everyone here at SMF!!!

Attachment 20771
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What am I looking at???
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The atomic buffalo turds ( Jalapeno peppers sliced in 1/2, filled with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. )
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Yep...ABTs are money. You can put almost anything in the filling and it'll taste great. I personally love a mix of mexican cheese, cream cheese, crumbled (already cooked) sausage and some nice fresh herbs. Good work, though.
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Congrats from what I can see they look great maybe next time resize a little bigger so we can drool oops I mean see them better
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The pic is a thumbnail. Just drag the ol' cursor on the pic and left click. Comes up much larger and looking mighty tastier:D
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Thanks for postin' the pic, BigTrain! It's makin' my mouth water. Those look delicious.
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look great and as Mikey would say
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