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Great to have the site back up and running!

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Jeff and Crew!
Its awesome and great to see the forums back up and running again! I guess there were some major issues that had to be worked out. Almost a week without the forums and i was starting to go mad MAD I say! lol
thanks for the great job guys!
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Whooo hooo

Glad we are back!
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Look at you guys go! Great to have the site back. Not used to the new color scheme but I'm sure it'll grow on me. Thank you Jeff and crew for all the hard work you do to keep the site up and running, updated, and constantly improving.
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And that's a wrap!
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Man I was starting to get real withdrawal symptoms!!eek.gif
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man it good to be back !!
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yea ... what they said. Glad we're back.
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wow, someone turned the lights on!:o
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I'm glad to see SMF back up and running again. I've missed it!
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Great ta see everyone again!!!
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thank you for your hard work y'all! Vbulletin is a great platform...
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I too was have major withdrawls. I have come to depend on my daily SMF 'fix'. Thanks to Jeff and crew for keepin' this site rockin' along.
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I missed the place too. It just got too frustrating so I was gone for a while. It's going to be 70°F this weekend so I came back to hopefully find the place back up. YES! :D
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YEE-HAW!!!! Home again, and boy it feels good! I was getting skeered.:D
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Glad to see y'all again.

Guess we'll get used to the new layout soon enough.
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By the way, did we recover the lost posts? Probably not.
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Nice to see the sight back up.
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Thanks for getting it back up again! I was also having withdrawls! Supposed to be nice here this weekend, but rainy! :( I was thinking of smoking a roast(weather permitting)! If I do, Q-view! :)

btw..i like the new look!
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