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Pulled Pork and Ribs Question

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Ok guys, lately I've been getting asked to do some catering when it warms up. One guy is wanting me to do his tent sale at his furniture store. So a couple of questions here. On average, how many people will an average size Pork Butt or Shoulder feed? While we are at it, how many people will a good rack of ribs feed? One per person, or two people per rib was what I was guessing. This is for my own knowledge, I don't think this guy is wanting ribs. I know this belongs in the beef section, but what about brisket, how much will one of those feed the number, on average, people? Thanks in advance guys for the help.
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I would bet he ain't gonna wanna pay for ribs, maybe this will help
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I always try to plan atleast a 1/2 pound of meat per person I am cooking for. Some end up eating less and some more, ofcourse these are get togethers and I am not selling it per plate.
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"Catering" might bring along with it some other things to think about: Health card, business license, or other "crap" like that. I'm sure someone will follow me & explain all the other stuff.
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I don't know if i'm even calling it catering, the guy is just wanting stuff cooked. I'm not even sure what he is wanting. He was talking this stuff to one of my friends. Just wanted to if he does get in touch with me, I'd be able to give him a ball park figure.
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What he said! MIL plus insurance, fer you know the gig!
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I will add my .02......... If he does contact you... Ask several questions.....

How many people does he expect to feed... what kind of menu does he want.. Is he providing the food for people, or is he arranging for the food to be at the event, and the patrons are responsible for paying for their own meals? Is the event a BBQ lunch or Dinner?

I'm sure there are many other questions to ask, but that might help you in consideration of what you should charge and how much supplies you should purchase.......

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