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Did a porterhouse last night

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A couple months ago I did a shell steak on the CGSP SFB and it was awesome. The flavor of the lump/wood was unmistakable. We'd gotten that steak from a local gourmet shop.

Last night I did a porterhouse from a supermarket. My wife prepped it. Apparently she didn't have confidence in it; she coated it with Montreal Steak Seasoning. Now don't get me wrong - I like that seasoning! But IMO it need not be applied when cooking over wood.

So last night's steak was good eatin', but using that much of that seasoning I might as well have done it on the gas grill.
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WOW.....looks great! cool.gif
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Did you scrape any of the seaoning off?

In case it's not obvious, we like to see qview of the smokes that are done. :D
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Looks tasty.
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Next time, try taking a few pics and maybe she'll get the idea that wood is plenty of flavoring.
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I don't get it - what are y'all trying to say?? confused.gif
I hear ya, but sometimes you're just gonna get descriptions. Can't be getting the camera out every time I cook...

I didn't scrape the seasoning off. Wife ain't a big fan of steak so I left it alone - though I'd wager she'd like it better with a bit less seasoning.
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I meant after it was cooked. That what my kids do if they don't like the amount I've put on.
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No longer matters by that point, at least when trying to get another flavor to emerge. The level of seasoning has already infused itself into the meat and obscured all else.
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biggrin.gif No Mercy!!!PDT_Armataz_01_40.gifPDT_Armataz_01_40.gifPDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Dont care for the montreal seasoning myself.
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So where are these pics your lookin at?PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I'm with ya... I like simple salt and pepper on a good steak.
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Coyote-1 You need to meet Bubba to get his jest of (WOW-Looks Great)
No pics -never happened is his thing. A great guy Iv'e learned to respect and he's full of Knowledge.If he dosn't mind me saying so.
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You guys make me proud! cool.gif
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I don't get it.. what are y'all tryin' to say?? confused.gif

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