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My first fatties.

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Finally got around to making some fatties. One is just a Jimmy Dean sausage chub with some rub. Second is the Blueberry pancake fatty with bob evans maple sausage and wrapped with bacon.

Ready for the smoker.

Fatty 1

Fatty 2

and on the plate

Both of them were really good. Will definitely do them again.

Thanks for checking out my fatties.
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Nice job, Brad. Welcome to the Fatty Fan Club! biggrin.gif
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That looks good

Did a good job on that one PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice job . Now I'm hungry
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wow the blueberry plated qview got my hunger up thanks points to you
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I have got to try the blueberry one!!!
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Rock On! Looks great. I'd have to work out for a week to burn off that fatty. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Thanks guys, if you havent tried a pancake fatty you really should. Thanks to the person who thought of this!
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Your welcome!
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Yes, thank you very much Smoking Dick. We loved it.
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Congrats on somke great looking slices of FATTY. Now you can really push the envelope, just use your imagination.
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great looking pics. had one just a couple weeks ago. with squirrell strogonoff in it. i love fatties. the recipies are limitless. welcome to the fattie club.
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squirrell strogonoff

Say What??
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Man, those look good! I never get my fatties to taste as good as those done by a friend of mine. He won't give up his secret, and it kills me. I need details: how hot? how long? what kind of rub and wood? Thanks for postin' the pics, I'm hungry now.
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nice fatties !!!!!!
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