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What a great idea.  I have almost ruined my drip pan on my MES40 when trying to move around.  Will purchase one this week.


Thanks for the great tip!

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I just bought the cart today. It fits the MES 40 width perfectly.


One question - how did you fit the drip tray? The cart isn't quite deep enough for it. I managed to get one edge hooked in, but the tray definitely does not lay flat. I thought of two solutions - either cut the back edge of the shelf or raise the smoker up so the tray clears the lip. I'm not against cutting it, but I don't want to weaken the structural integrity.


I was somewhat dissapointed that I can't install the shelves upside-down - they can only be installed lip up, as far as I can tell.


(BTW - I know this is my first post, but I've done the e-course a while ago. I'll intro myself shortly.)

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I put a couple of pieces of 1X3 under the front feet and a piece of 1/4 masonite under the back.

Works like a charm!





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How do you access the round chip receiver? 

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Most here use an AMNPS, but I'd also guess that you position the chip receiver so that the poles on the cart don't block it. On my cart, the MES can be full forward or full back and the chip receiver isn't blocked.

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Nice job!

I think I might like to try and do this for my MES 40. How did you cut the shelf in half? I'm a girl with girly tools, so I might not be able to cut the shelf! I have a Dremel and a hacksaw, would either do the job?

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I didn't cut the shelf. I just set the three shelves at 6", 13" and 21" with the deeper of the three in the middle position. My wood chips store on the center shelf and I store extra smoker shelves and pans on the lower one. That arrangement puts the top of the smoker at five feet from the ground, which works great for me.
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Great job on the shelf modification! This is now on my todo list! Thanks!

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That is one GREAT IDEA.  Nice follow through on the build.  Jted

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Totally Awesome Dude!!!

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Great idea and a nice job. I wonder how well the cart will stand up to being outside during the summer. My smoker gets put away during the winter as I am not around to use it.

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Here are some Pics of Mine:




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Nice addition!
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Just so everyone knows these carts are chrome plated steel and rust very quickly if left exposed to the weather. Structurally and functionally it makes little difference. It just looks shabby after a year or so in the weather.
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I use that same cart in my home brewery and I know it is a good cart. I thought it would rust up. I do like the idea.

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Rust prevention is always easier to deal with before it happens. A rattle can of primer then several coats of flat black Rustolum would go a long way towards preventing rust. I store my 30" outside under a good cover year round. With out the preventions  rust would be accruing before the end of next winter.

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Great idea Pig. Now I have to look for one for my MES!



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is the extra self big enough to hold the cold smoke  add on? But looks sweet for sure.

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WOW nice very Nice Gratz!!!

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I positioned the outside rack just below the main rack & then built an extension to the main rack with wood to allow the cold smoker to fit. 

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