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new kingsford

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just got a bag tonight 11 bucks for a 12 lb bag at the local grocer saw the for 8 bucks at home depot yesterday and talked myself out of getting it.just wondering if anybody has tried it yet.heres a link
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Anyway, I have used it and I really like it. It seems to burn a little bit hotter than the blue bag stuff, and it does give the food a great flavor. I did some chicken leg quarters on the UDS with it and no smoke wood and the flavor was AWESOME. Plus, the blue bag stuff that I always got had a funny smell when it was lighting. The new stuff just smells like wood.

I am going to do a tri-tip with it tomorrow and a brisket on Friday. Curious to see how long my UDS will go with a basket full of this stuff.

Give it a try. I think you'll like it.

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I picked up a bag of it myself, I'm hoping to find the time to use it some time this week.
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Where are you guys finding this stuff? I'm in SW Missouri, but have never seen it. Just blue bag
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Home Depot has it out here. Not sure about Lowes but I imagine they would have it too.

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Congrat to you guys.
I have not seen it out here in good ole Maryland, yet.
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Ditto..Have about 20 other comp teams waiting in mid-atlantic region.Should get heads up once it arrives.Have heard good things except for price.
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Gloria brought me a bag of the regular with mesquite. I was quite surprised, it did burn a little better and you could smell the mesquite, and slightly taste it in the Q.
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I finally saw it but it was $9.99 for a 10lb bag at the grocery store, I won't try it at that price as lump costs me under a buck a pound.
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Saw some at Home Depot in Paducah, KY but thought I would wait to hear opinions first.
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I love kingsford .going to have to find me some.
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I saw this stuff today when i went to pick up charcoal, it was cheaper so in my eyes that meant not as good. Maybe next time ill give it a shot
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used it today on some chicken quareters overall pleased the burn time couldve been a little longer but i liked it.i probably wont be buying as moch because of the high price but if i catch it on sale ill load up
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The new Kingsford does burn hotter and faster than the old blue bag. this briquette as stated on the bag in geared toward competition cookers. I will still stay with royal oak for briquettes. way cheaper
DDave am I gonna see you in Anderson at the Norcal sports and rec show in 2 weeks? Ill be competiting in dutch oven and grilling competitions (they call it bbq)
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I have used it twice now in my Primo ceramic cooker. It worked very well the ash did not cause any problems (briquettes normally can't be used in ceramics). Cooked both low and slow and grilled worked well in both cases.
The difference between the competition and Blue bag coals is the competition product does not include the coal or limestone, this means the ash is much less and eliminates the petroleum odor when lighting the coals.
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Well, I'm not sure. We usually go to the one in Chico although I am not sure what weekend it is.

I'll find out and let you know.

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DDave its march 6-8
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