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Roll Call Part 2

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Hi guys,

Looks like I got smoked pretty good on this post!!

I ruffled some feathers with my suggestion that some of the forums should be scaled back. I had a roll call introduction posted which seems to have been deleted (along with the handful of other posts I have made) you can see it at the link below.

My suggestion to reduce the number of forums was meant as constructive criticism and that is why I followed it up with a nice compliment on the site. The suggestion of change is difficult for some, I didn't mean to offend and realize now that I should have waited to build up a presence before offering my input. I have been a reader of the forum for a while but haven't posted much. I was getting frustrated sorting through all the forums when viewing on my handheld.

Anyway, enough of the histrionics, I'm going to go pick up a roast from Costco, happy smoking guys! icon_smile.gif
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Welcome. Glad that you posted again here.
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Welcome to the forum, Bob.

I tried viewing the forum once on my Blackberry and gave up. But I think you'll find that having the posts separated into several forums does make it nicer to find specific info such as for briskets or charcoal smokers. The search feature is nice but has its limitations.

Smoe things are just beter on a full size screen.

Hope to see some Qview from you. biggrin.gif

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Bob, welcome to the SMF. Nice to know you're on your way to smoking a roast. Let us know your smoker of choice, wood, and temps. Inquiring minds want to know. In other words, some pics and Q view. Thanks.
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Welcome again Bob.......Glad to have you back
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Welcome back Bob, glad to have you aboard. The layout really does get easier to use the longer you are around. Hope you decide to stay and give it a try. wink.gif
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Welcome back.Your reply shows class.I think the original post became more of a feeding frenzy.
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To be honest, with all that's recently happened here, I figured ya for a troll. Glad you're back and my presumption was incorrect. Welcome!
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Thanks for the welcome guys. I smoked a sirloin roast yesterday and wasn't too happy with the results. I think because of the lack of fat and the type of cut I didn't cook it right. Slow and low heat probably works better for fattyer cuts. Don't get me wrong, the flavor was there but I couldn't peel it apart with the fork. I did try some this morning and it is more tender and flavorful than most roasts the next morning, I don't know if it softened up overnight.
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Bob welcome back glad you stuck around. You hit that right on the head some cuts just don't have the fat content and many of us use bacon on them, or inject them, or marinade them, or just don't use those cuts biggrin.gif
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I ate some more this morning and it is quite a bit more tender than it was last night for supper, usually I find that beef toughens up a bit when you put it in the fridge. I assume there was some further break down as I covered it in foil right after serving.

Also, I did put bacon on it but only right at the end when I finished it off with a final roasting in the oven.

It's all trial and error with this stuff but that's the fun part. Also, even when something doesn't turn out quite right it's usually still edible.
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Glad you stuck around.
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Thanks Dude.
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