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Pork Butt .92/lb

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Just came from Restaurant Depot up here in Cleveland, Oh. They have Pork Butts for .92/lb in case lots. The cases I saw were all around 70 Lb. This is the lowest I've seen then in a long time.
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We don't have Restaurant Depot here, but that's a great price. Thanks for sharing the info.
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Thanks for the 'heads up' a depot 2 minutes from where I am (work)!!
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Damn, though, I have no idea how I'd store 70lb of butts. :)
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"store" them in the smoker biggrin.gif
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You still have to store them after smoking! I can't eat 70lb of pulled pork.
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After you smoke and pull them you only have about half of what you started with, so now you only need to store 35 lbs or so. icon_smile.gif
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Can't get in to RD anymore, lost my 'connection'. LOL Good find, though!
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That's an excellent price to those that have access to the store. Nice job on posting savings such as this!! PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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How many smokers in your area. Looks like a buy and share project!
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Don't know for sure? I already made 25 Lb of Kielbasa and a whole butt for pulling.
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Nice find! The store I've posted about before (Fairplay) frequently has them for $.99. This week they were $.88. My fridge and 3 freezers are stuffed PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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That's an xlnt price!! I wish I had that store close to me as I'd be able to share them with my 3 sons. Thanks for sharing the info.
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