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Couldn't have said it better myself.
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...Well he's just an excitable boy...

ask walkin dude. He can fill you in.
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I think it's in our nature to micro manage things. I always micro manage my smoking. I think it was a legit suggestion but I humbly disagree. I like the ease it is to find specific info about certain typs of meat. If I am doin fish I can go straight there. Unused forums will be unused and go away on their own. I manage several forums and thats how it works.
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If nothing else, bob got us thinking and talking. I've enjoyed the thread and the posts from people who I've never seen before.

It was probably Jeff testing the new host/system knowing what that post would do.

Where's rich and bubba when ya need them? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I am thinkng BBQ Bubba broke wind......

Don't you all smell that?

Oops, sorry Bubba. I know that smell; PETA has entered SMF.
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Bob. Go crawl back into your hole. That is all.
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Thank you once again young mr skinner, your arrogance never cease's to amaze me.eek.gif GOD BLESS YOU.
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hello Terry, how is Big Sky Country treating you? I thought we might hijack this thread into a more friendly territory. I think 'ol Bob has worn this thread thin enough. The people have spoken....
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