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That boy just aint right
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So funny. I was walkin through Home Depot today and I spied out of the corner of my good eye.... remote therms by charmglow. Regularly $29.99 on clearance for $7.50. I picked up three of them and while standing in line I thought..... I bet this is how Jerry got started.
Probe on!
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LMAO! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif The problem isn't how Jerry got started it's how to get him stopped.

His picture reminds me of "The trouble with Tribbles" ( For the Treckies out there )
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There's only one thing to say to a man with your condition: Which one works best? icon_smile.gif
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hey piney with all those taylors can you tell me how to get mine to read over 212?
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I don't think you can.... I've got the same ones and can't really do a boiling test to see if they're reading over the mark. eek.gif
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I don't know who your trying to fool, Jerry but your not foolin' me. Look again; those aren't therms, they're cell phones. How many phones does one person need anyway?biggrin.gif
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Well now you gotta tell us which of your children you like best biggrin.gif
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Ut Oh it has started welcome to my world biggrin.gif
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