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Prime Rib W/QVIEW

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I got this at Christmas.

It was reaaly cheap, 14 pounder for 35 dollars

It was boned and tied and cut into 3 pieces. We had one at Christmas, the post is gone, no prob.

This is the one for tonight.

I am going to sear in the oven first at 500' then smoke at 225 till 130' and take out for tomorrow. I would sear on the Weber but it would probably burn the strings.

Updated soon.

Thanks for watching,
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Great price!
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Nice piece of prime rib!! What time did you say dinner was tomorrow?

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Tic.... Toc...... Tic.... Toc...... You aint gettin nothin from me till it's ready to eat..... !
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Ok Just for Bubba biggrin.gif I rubbed it with Toshibas soy, some granulated garlic, and lemon pepper.

Self explanatory.

Seared in the oven 10 minutes at 500'.

2 cups beef stock with onions and whole garlic cloves for aujus.

In the smoker, internal is 62'.

More to come.
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Some feller called Pavlov or something like that has it summed up here Ron. Mouth be water'n. His name was Ron Pavlov. Hell, i was drunk in college but i bet someone knows his name. Mouth water'n goodness is all i know.
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looking good. I that a fuzzy slipper poking in the frame of the smoker picture?
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Looking very good, Ron. How did it turn out?
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Looks good as always, Ron. Thanks for the Qview.
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Really looks good! Like that PR!
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Can you try farken salt and pepper just once pleasssssssse??? cool.gif
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Ron, would'nt searing first prevent the smoke from permeating the meat?

Do you have a sliced VIEW?
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LOL! Looks wonderful as always Ron!! Does searin cut down much on the amt of smoke it takes in?
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I love to get your attention Buddy.cool.gif Besides I like the bark and taste I get. Oh, when I lived in Utah they used the word "Fetchin". Never hear "Farkin" before.confused.gif

I don't see a problem absorbing smoke.

Here are tonights pics.

Well, this was last night at 130'. Had to slice off a piece, yum.

Here is Carol's slice tonight cold.

After a 5 minute warm up on the reheat setting in the micro.

Turned it over to hide the blood, lol. Baked tater with that green chili dip I get from Sam's and Smart Balance spread.

Thanks for watching,
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Now that's what I'm talkin about

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LMAO ron and bubba, u two should have a throwdown where ron uses salt and pepper and bubba has to use yoshidas and t/q. now that would be entertaining!!! ron looks good as always, nothin like good ribby man and it do look good !!! points man!!!
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Ron, glad you used "Smart Balance Spread", got to watch the cloresterol! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That would be interesting Erain. But I would probably lose since my years of cooking wouldn't give me any creativity using just the basic salt and pepper not that using Toshibas is any big secret.

To use Emeralds words it is just "Kicked Up A Notch"

I have been using Terryaki for many years, and in the restaurant even had it in spray bottles to flavor meats. It has enough salt in it along with other flavors. Believe me, I am not ashamed of it.

Thanks for the points Man.
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Looking mouth watering good as usual.
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