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MES Body Kit

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Does anyone know what it includes? My smoker has the problem many others have posted about where it heats up and then the temp slowly dies down. I haven't taken the back off yet to see if the wires connecting to the heating element have gone bad yet, but instead called Masterbuilt and they are wanting to send a new body kit. I'm trying to figure out if a new body kit is going to be the soloution or if I should just break down and check the wiring first.
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Sorry don't know about a body kit, however it would be nice if you provided some details about your MES.

What model, 30" or 40"?
Stainless or color version?
How old is the MES you own?
What are the particulars about the failure, be more descriptive.
Why do you think there is a wire connection issue?
Do you use an extension cord?
Are you the original owner?
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The body kit is the soloution. It is everything but the door and control box I would assume. Are they charging you for it?

Go for it.
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I've added answers to the questions that you listed below.
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How long before you get it.

Sounds like you got it handled.
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No charge. They just asked for my name and address.
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Very cool, they sent me one a while back also. You can always use the old one for parts.
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Now that's customer service for yaz!
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Is it in fact the whole box, minus the door and controller, they send you?
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Not sure in your case. Mine was a little different, they sent me a whole new unit. But the box should do it unless you have a leaky door also.
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