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An old post revived?


As stated before, Mom always made it with dried/chipped beef.  A light colored gravy.


Military version for me was ground mystery meat (cleaned up version for civilians) in something greasy?


Fortunately, on a garrison post.


Officer at 10:00 AM civilian time would ask where is so and so?


We just said he had breakfast in the mess hall.


A quick check in the latrine would usually get the troop out of trouble.  We would never make up a cover story for a buddy.  Right? :biggrin:


Maybe the FNG actually took his malaria pill too?


Must admit I still like a Spam sandwich once in a while.  But that goes in another thread?


Richoso, its all good my friend.  R.I.P.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Hello.  I just have to post on this old thread being and former Marine.  I still make and enjoy SOS ( and a spam sandwich ) now and then.  I introduced my English wife to it many years ago.  That first time when she asked what I was cooking and my reply was "S*** on a Shingle" she was MORE than dubious.  She LOVES it!  I apparently didn't make it often enough so she finally made me show her how to make it.  I often leave for work at 04:00 and she will make her own SOS for breakfast.  My version is almost exactly the same as the OP version.  Semper Fi!  Keep Smokin!


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Loved it in the USAF . Now make it at home but i use thin sliced corned beef.

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