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Anyone seen anything like this or have one I have a rain check for one for $150 good buy or not.
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Link just goes to a Canadian Tire website asking you to enter a postal code............guess I should enter a code.
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goes to the smoker for me???????????????????????????????
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Hmmm........I have been known to have certain mental challenges. LOL
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That did the trick.........but, of course, I know nothing about that smoker. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Thanks alot LOL
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Hi DysartSmoker

The Centro Smoker at Canadian Tire is basically built by MES. It is probably just marketed under the Centro brand in Canada or something like that. If you compare the two of them on the internet they are identical. I don't have any experience with them though.

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Are you wanting to smoke some tires? smile.gif

All I'm getting on both links is a enter type webpage.
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it is a MES clone rebranded there are a lot of posts on MES on this web site. I've had mine 3 yrs, no problems, I find that its a good cold weather smoker & a good " set it & forget it smoker " but the product while good is not as good as my charcoal & wood smoker. But 150 is a GREAT price & I'd sure buy it.
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