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post #21 of 31 one SEZ you gotta fill that firebox UP!...........just damper down one or two briquettes, or what ever will be needed to get to temps your require
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I wonder if there is a formula for figuring the size of fire box proportionate
to the cook chamber. I was thinking this earlier today and was going to ask on the forum
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Looking forward to seeing what kind of temps you can get inside. icon_smile.gif
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I hear ya WD. I'll probably cut it all the way out...I was just a little overwhelmed by the sizer of that cutout. My other two fridges only had lil 4" intakes but I've only done fish in the past with them.

Higher heat/bigger meat..biggrin.gif

If I cant get cold smoke out of it I can always add a smoke generator to the other side.
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also, if you hadn't cut the holes out yet.........just drill holes.......that will also cut down on heat transfer
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I don't think the firebox is too big at all! Rule of thumb, the firebox should be 1/3 the size of the cooking section. I think you might want to cover up that insulation with some sheet metal and get a stick or something and poke that excess insulation back up into the sidewall or maybe pulls some of it out. That firebox is gonna get real hot, you don't want an insulation fire smoldering between the sidewalls of the fridge! Might make your Q taste itchy.wink.gif Looks like it will be a very nice and large smoker when you are done! I love those old refrigerators!

Maybe this will help on your build or anybody else on future builds! You will need Excel to use it.
BBQ Pit Builder Ratio Calculator
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Thanks JOK look like good info. I know someone else started this thread but look how many people gained by it without a slide show.
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I'll second that one. Nice to see those calculations. looks like I'm in the ballpark anyways, Thanks JOC

I hope to be able to pick up my sheet metal today to get the trim done around the smoke chamber and get the door skinned. While I'm waiting for that I can cut in the chimney and finish cutting the firebox passage.
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Hurry up, the weekend is just a few days away.

Looks like it's coming along nicely.
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Todays Test Run

Got a little more work done on the fridge with the firebox cutout finished & sealed, chimney installed etc., and I gave the sheet metal shop a call as I should have been able to pick up my material by now. The guy says well I applogize but I forgot.confused.gif FORGOT? Man I got to get my freak on, YOU FORGOT? lol

Anyhow I figue, this rocks gotta roll so I pulled out the old rubber seal from the scrap box and figured I'd use that for test purposes. I fired up a small pile of coals and got up to a respectable 130* and held that for a while. The temp held nice and steady responding quickly to the outer damper as it should.

all went well so I figured lets ramp it up a bit and on went more coals.

up goes the temp to 240* and then up further to 270* and continued to climb to near 300*. Being happy with how high the temps were I let things settle back down and added a second probe monitoring the temp ranges to 230*.

I found a top temp of around 230* to 240* at the top rack hieght while the bottom rack registered a temp at 194*, with a 46* difference between the two areas. However, at lower temps, say 130ish, the temp difference is much less with the balancing range at about 110* with a 7 to 10 degree difference.

I still need to have my baffle fabbed and installed but I doubt this will change things too much. To achieve a more even temp I think I may need a larger stack diameter. One consulation was that at the lower temps the overall temp difference was less. At higher temps I believe the greater overall temp difference was because the 4" stack just cant dump the heat fast enough. While this doesn't necessarily mean that the I need a 6" stack (yet), it's certainly something to consider. I think if I change the chimney and go to a 6" stack with a chimney damper and it'll be strokin.

I'll run it for a longer duration once I get the door skinned and trim/seal completed and a baffle installed and see what we see then.

Overall I'm happy with the way it ran at it's lower temps with a good response to the damper and a nice steady 170ish roll with no fluctuation. Next I'll see what the lowest manageable temp I can achieve and see how that holds. I'm looking forward to cooking some dead animals in this thing real soon.
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Good stuff Dan icon_smile.gif.

I think after you install the baffle or water pan it will help with the bottom level temps. Right now you don't have any mass in the bottom of the smoker to absorb and keep some of the heat at the bottom.

A water pan or baffle would also divert the hot air more to the walls instead of straight up the center. That should also help the smoker heat more evenly.
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