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salt free canadain bacon???

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i did the pork loin thing soaked in tender quick smoked to 150 and pan fried with eggs and toast had to throw in trash way to salty. i do not use salt for health reasons is there a way to get the flovor without the salt.
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did you rinse well, after the salt cure?

richt also mentions you need to, after the salt cure and rinse, that the loin has to rest a couple more days to equalize the salt.........makes it less salty...........either that, or use Prague #1, but that has salt in it also........
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yes i rinsed it very well but i put it on bout an hour after that??
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after i rinse, i put in fridge overnite to form that pequiuarlaoikteittttteeee...thingy bobby thing, that prevents smoke streaking
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thingy bobby thing????????????
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that peculite, or whatever its called..........the sticky that happens when you let it sit out overnite before smoking
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nevermind I didn't say that
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i guess never bob............thats ALL i use on my candian bacon, that and brown sugar..............
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i use the morton's cure,and rinse it real good,then soak it for an hour then dry it off and refrige it,and smoke it the next day,it turns out way less salty

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I assume you weighed the meat and used the correct amount? If the cut was fairly fatty, you can actually lessen the cure/weight ratio by the amount the fat is estimated to weigh. Fat does not cure. Other advice above will help you too.
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pelicle, baby, I love your allicution though!!! I am just back froma beer fest though, so i'm a little sloppy. soak the cure back out for a night(8-12 hours) in fresh water, and you will be a little less salty., beer fest babay
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I use the Buckboard Bacon Cure from Hi Mountain Jerky.

I take a whole loin, rinse it well and do the dry rub thingy. Their instructions say leave in cure for ten days turning on the fifth. I leave it in for 8 days, turning on the fourth.

Instructions say to rinse in cold water for two hours. I cut the loin into four equal parts and rinse for three hours changing the water every hour.
Then I pat dry, put in fridge overnight to form the pellicle, and smoke next morning over a combo of cherry, maple and a touch of mesquite.

Bacon comes out with just a hint of salt and very well flavored.

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to answer the original question - No you can't cure without salt.

Weeellll, technically you could, a sugar & msg mix would work in that the chemical effects on the meat would be similiar. But you need the salt for the flavour. And I'm not sure a sugar cured bacon would be worth eating :-)

Do what the guys suggest - all sound advice :-)
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Salt ?

How much and how long?

I have done 2 so far. 1 tbs per pound wrapped 4 days and rinsed. No salt problem and cured to the center.

By the way the main ingredient in tender quick is salt.

Good luck next time, also always do the fry pan test before smoking.
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I cut back on the tender quick fer this batch a CB, we will see how the salt level is on it, the last like yours was way to salty even after followin all the directions.

Yall can't cure without salt. Just takes a bit a work ta get the right amount is all.
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