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Hmmmm, now thats one thing I don't have on my boat... A smoker...biggrin.gif
Could you imagine? PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

Sounds like a great week and some fine lookin grub there. I really have to get around to doing some ABTs
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Looks great, take a look at this as far as the Flat Iron goes. It's an excellent and very tender cut.
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Cajun that looks excellent! You are going to have a great vacation. biggrin.gif

I did some steaks just the other day, used a chimichurri sauce on them.

They were pretty tasty!
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Thanks Cowgirl. Went to that sight. That looked awesome. Now trying to find that sauce...I'm sure one of the local grocery stores has it. Abelman, those were some fine looking Flat Irons. Man they looked good. Thanks
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Well the time schedule is a little off. Brisket was good all day yesterday. ABT's for today with some Flat Irons/Fajitas. Found a Fajita marinade, so will see where that goes. Just stuffed the Japs and will be ready to roll soon. I think I am going to put on 20 pounds this week. Here they are, will post before and after pics later.

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ABT's loaded and on the pit. And now completed

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Do you plan to eat it all, or freeze much of it?
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