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14# Vacation Brisket

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On vacation this week so I decided to smoke everyday. Starting off today with a 14# pound brisket. Tomorrow I have 3 racks of Babybacks. Wednesday 2 Flat Iron Steaks, Thursday picked up 40 Jalapeno Peppers for ABT's. This is going to be a fun week. Wife wants work done, but she is working and it's my week. Could be out on the lake, but this sounds better.

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Nice piece of beef there. Are we all invited to your place for chow time?? Sounds like you are going to be a busy person this week. Keep us all posted on the progress and results.
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Sounds like you got a real smokey week ahead PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sound like a great vacation plan to me. i mite have to do that, sure would beat the trip to Disney world my dots want to do.
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Smokebuzz, just got back from Disney last week, so this week is all me. Sure Chevpro, anyone can come over and partake of my vacation feast. Just bring beer, nah I'll get that too.
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Very well planned out looks like fun.
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Looks like alot of fun there. I am looking forward to the Q view tomorrow.
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Sounds like a great vacation to me.


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Hey buddy be sure to shower once in a while to make wife happy. Enjoy.
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be checking back for more pics. looking like a good week for ya. ribs brisket abt's. i might be lurking in the weeds ,lol.
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looks like your already having a good week. Oh yeah....what vacation mean???
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C'mon Wayside...the poor guy is on vacation LOL
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Well brisket is done. Came out ok, tastes good. Real tender. Some slices if you can call them that and other pulled from the top. Ribs might be off tonight and just ABT's. I am full already from eating while I was picking and slicing.

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Fajitas with the flats? or? That is a nice looking brisket! Mmmm nice menu!
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Thanks Richtee. I had Flat Iron Steaks for the first time last week and they were good. Can always find them at Kroger's here. I want to do them for fajitas, any suggestions???
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Good lookin' brisket. congrats on the Q.
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Just ok? It looks real good!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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great looking brisket! did you foil it?
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Thanks. Yep, foiled it at the end.
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