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First Qview - Page 2

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nice work ron! the smoker looks great too. i have a feeling we'll be seeing more view from you... hopefully!
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Thanks for all of the compliments. But I think I need a better camera. I am using my son's ancient Kodak. It will only let me take one picture at a time then it shuts off. Hopefully I will have a new camera for my next Qview.
Thanks to the forum for teaching me how to post pictures.
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Check the batteries on the camera . Very good first attempt at the pic thing, and the mods that you made look great too. How happy are you with the changes to the silver. I bet the change is huge.cool.gif
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I did change the batteries but this was a known problem from the go get.

The mods made a world of difference. What was a surprise to me, was that sealing up the firebox gave me more control of the temps that I would have imagined. I sealed the firebox door with some of that rope made for fireplace doors, and caulk up the other seams. I attached it with rutland sealant, but it only lasts for a few smokes, then has to be resealed. I am thinking about attaching the rope with sheet metal screws. My next mod will be to buy a welding blanket to cover the smoking chamber as the outsidetemps drop.
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